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  1. Thanks masterji for posting the nice deal. I purchased this yesterday when I saw your post. These @19 deals are worth for money. Lets see whether the seller ships this time or not.
  2. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks Ayaz ji for vplenish offer. Will they ship free sample to India?
  3. ^^^ Doctor Sahab, ab apne farmaish ki hai toh yeh Video dekh lo..... I'm sure, after viewing this video this deal will soon become OUT OF STOCK at Ebay. Jumped out of my chair after watching this video. Really funny. Lol
  4. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks Honest ji for Colgate and Stevia links. I ordered Stevia for my Father-in-law. Thanks Ayaz Ji for Huggies and Ponds links. Reputation points added to both.
  5. Collect Your Freebies !

    Ayaz Ji, if you make multiple I.d.'s at P&G website then they will not honor even a single request. Even other people who register as a single member could suffer due to those who make multiple accounts. Hope you should not make multiple accounts. Rest upto you Ayaz ji. To add, these Free sampling schemes are valid for one sample per household.
  6. My order of Freshwrap @ 19/- got cancelled. Reason mentioned, the deal is only for new customers at ebay. Above deal of Lux soaps is from the same seller and I don't think he will fulfill the orders for old ebay customers?
  7. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks Honest ji for Wella Kolestint information. It was not available when I registered ar REWARD ME. But now its showing. I ordered Dark Burgandy.
  8. Thanks Masterji for sharing the deal. I ordered one Freshwrap.
  9. Kanagadipan Ji, Girish Ji and Admirer Ji thanks for the clarifications. I think I overreacted that day because one day ago I attended International Women Day meet at my office and the next day I saw such ugly pictures of women crying and flirting. Just want to convey that today's women do not need such tactics to prove themselves. They are educated and can take care of themselves. Honest Ji, hats off to you. You did'nt done anything wrong but still you apologised on behalf of the community as a responsible Moderator. I appreciate your greatness. I'm an active member at many online communities but never seen such a soft and friendly Moderator like you. I often visit Rimweb but do not login. I read the threads which I like as guest. But from now onwards I do login and participate actively on the forum.
  10. Discounted/Free apps on Market/Play Store

    I purchased mSecure and Paper Camera @ 24 Rs
  11. How are they offering such huge discounts? Hope this is not second's sale.
  12. hmm... for a change there is support for women in this forum , first time I see in this forum!, Mona ji r u woman(as ur name suggests)? or woman activist?. No offence intended to any one. Yes I'm proud to be a woman. A tech savvy woman. This seems to be a male dominated forum. Last 5-6 posts with pics reflects ugliness of male members here. Your posts seems to be more of profanity to women. I think there is no active female member in this comminity. Obviously i can understand the reason.
  13. Editor's Choice, Paid Apps - All Free From Getjar

    Thanks for the info VA ji. Getting paid stuff for free is great.
  14. Why only wife or mother-in-law? This device will be helpful to silence talketive husbands also.
  15. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks Honest ji for sharing the great offers. I ordered all freebies.