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  1. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    @ abhi.r Will still recommend the T100 as Acer will stutter apart from Web browsing. Have used both and didn't much like the lagging Switch 10. Surface 2 RT, I've no idea. Specs look good. Seems less resource intensive, hence lower lags.
  2. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    @ abhi.r The Transformer T100 hardware performs better. Tell us what do you want to use it for.
  3. Futuristic rendition of my existential quest

    What a beautiful, beautiful sublime prose. Request for more such jewels please. Kind Regards.
  4. @ Dipan. No digs, just expressing my views on this. This is an open forum to do that, remember? Good that you may be privy to some insider info with the company. Let us all know how things turn out first-hand.
  5. Motorola Announces Moto G

    @ Dipan A few points. 1. Writing in bold font do not really help emphasize/ shout-out your view. Its a vanilla web trick which is so last decade. 2. This is an open forum. I like the way you brought up the G positives. And the same is true for other Indian handsets with same/ better features. With an Indian warranty. (BTW, unrelated, but the erstwhile Moto service guys are yet to receive any training/ feedback on the G). 3. Now with wasting bandwidth. I have seen plenty of silly one-liners and worse from senior members to know better. (Have you sen your earlier posts?). I thought we could have a good debate on the yays and nays over this handset. But maybe, passions about this Moto brand need to be turned down a bit before something meaningful like that can happen. 4. No slagging. Just debate. I appreciate your contributions to this forum.
  6. Motorola Announces Moto G

    Photon was not the last phone on this sale forum.I think u havent read anything about moto razr m, electrify m,razr maxx etc. Moto has best battery life than other brands especailly razr maxx. People are happy to buy moto phones. Sent from my VS950 4G using Tapatalk 2 You are right and I stand corrected regarding the other Moto handsets. But the G is still a low to mid-level handset which is somewhat over hyped.
  7. The technology and scale is not just India first, but a world first Tariff remains to be seen as I am not privy to commercial information, but going by MDA's track record, expect disruptive pricing Not too sure about "disruptive pricing" with this. No one else is trying to take off the starting-line with them. But yes, we can always hope and expect
  8. Motorola Announces Moto G

    @ Dipan You want to rave about the G, so okay. Lets do it. I feel the G is rather a mid-level whimper than a bang from Motorola returning back to India with their official warranty. Feature-to-feature their new owners (still to get the final nod) manufacture better handsets. Bringing us back to the starting line ..... why the rave?
  9. Laying down fibre optics and erecting towers are all fine. But will the tariff justify this technology. (or did I get the it the other way round?)
  10. Motorola Announces Moto G

    The last good Motorola I've seen in the Sales Forum is the Photon. Lets get the moto-fans to stop raving about this G and bring some more unlocked handsets for sale. Shipping and Forwarding issues seem to be resolving, it seems.
  11. The Off Topic Thread

    Michael Jordan Dunks at Age 50. The guy still has it in him. http://www.stack.com/2013/08/12/michael-jordan-dunk/
  12. Best Of Internet

    This video has helped me overcome a certain difficult time of my life. I wanted to share it with you, maybe you will like it. Otherwise, please ignore this post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-jwWYX7Jlo
  13. Reliance GSM Network in Pune & Maharashtra

    Looking at the posts in this thread, the Gargoyle suggests a quick port-out of the R-GSM network. Economics is a good argument, but a mobile network should be able to meet its primary obligation - connect a voice call !!!
  14. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    Happiness is clicking on the the posts of Rajan Mehta....
  15. Non SMS Stuff

    Chandramauli, keep on posting. It sure helps lift the spirits of this forum. Where otherwise you have uncles either rehashing macho jokes (silently lamenting their lost youth), complaining about reliance service or trying to sell second hand phones they have managed to unlock.