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  1. Hi, I have bought Motorola Moto X (US cellular) CDMA mobile. I am using a Tata CDMA connection. I am unable to use data on it yet. As per TATA my data services are active. The SIM card is an OMH card. As per instruction i just need to insert my Sim and start using data,. I am able to use calls and SMS. Please help me how to use data on it. All help is appreciated....... Yeah now i am able to use the data too, people working in the tata docomo showroom are crazy i guess. I recharged for 48 and now i am able to get data. 1mbps avg in speed test, far better than cdma. Also i want tried to change the Operator name in Build.prop but still shows USC, its a bit annoying but i can live with that. Is there any specific edit in Build.prop to get the phone to show Tata.?? thanks Hi, Can you please help me how did you make TATA CDMA data active on Motorola MOTO X. Please guide me