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  1. I tried with my mts sim on my friends rn3..but cant get to work call,sms or data..network is showing but not getting anything done
  2. you have checked with mts??evdo data works??please reply fast as i will then return my honor holly 2 plus and will buy rn3
  3. Honor Holly 2 Plus CDMA Dual SIM

    i want to know if there is any code available to access phone information like *#*#4636#*#*...this code is not working to access phone information..i really need it to change my set preferred network to 1x mode..in weak evdo signal are it does not change to 1X itself..it latched to weak nominal evdo signal which results in call drops...please help
  4. Honor Holly 2 Plus CDMA Dual SIM

    I don't heard like EV symbols drains battery like H+ in GSM. Try to understood how android behaves. The backend there are many system apps and facebook and com.fb.katna are running when the screen is off. If you want to stop all these you need to use Greenify. Please remember the app "greenify" if you sucessfully installed means you have rooted the device by which you may stop using the background apps running when the screen is off or idle but you may violate the warranty. if you do not want warranty should not void also the apps needs to be idle use Hibernation manager. Download and install it from playstore. Hope it make sense and post your valuable comment how much battery you have saved using the apps. TIA bro how to root huawei honor holly 2 plus..i searched a lot but cant find any way
  5. Honor Holly 2 Plus CDMA Dual SIM

    are you sure redmi note 3 sold in amazon in sales supports cdma??if yes then i will return honor holly 2 plus to fk and buy that..plz reply fast brother
  6. Honor Holly 2 Plus CDMA Dual SIM

    ah..i am a mts user and mts evdo working like a charm in my elder brother's mobile who is also a prominent member of this forum "sougatadc"..he confirms me about smooth evdo in mts..not sure about rcdma users as in west bengal rcdma stopped evdo long ago...ordered the fone a while ago with 10% off in flipkart with sbi debit or credit card...i got it in 7647rs..nice deal..850rs saved
  7. why using 2gb for 90 whereas 19rs pack is providing unlimited net for 3 days in mts
  8. Downloading Mode in Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA?

    everything tried rajan bro but failed.plz suggest something new plz
  9. Hey Friends, I own a samsung galaxy POP CDMA i559 mobile handset. There is no firmware update available for this handset. But with lots of effort i have managed a custom ROM for my handset. But problem is now that i am not able to put my handset in download mode by pressing middle key ( home key ) + power + volume down.now my problem is how to put my mobile in download mode? plz help guys another problem is that my location in google map is always showing somewhere else.my hometown is not updating.these two problem is not only mine..... it is the problem of every Galaxy POP CDMA i559 user. Plz help