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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Now that RComm debt restructuring is ON, is ADA the boss now?
  2. Just recently ported to Jio. For last few days, data speed has drastically reduced to 2-3 Mbps from 15-20 Mbps. Contacted Jio call centre and their standard reply was that the current speed is considered as good and they would take my feedback to erect more towers in the area !! RCom 4G speed was above 15 Mbps consistently.
  3. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    A debit restructuring plan submitted by RCom yesterday where Anil Ambani is offering more than 51% holdings on the company to lenders!! SBI Caps studying it. Today RCom shares gone up by 13% !!
  4. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    So no voice service in Mumbai on Reliance 4G LTE from 01 Dec ?
  5. AIRCOM ?

    RIP RCom..!!
  6. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Technically it supports both voice and data but practically it may not at many places across the country [emoji848][emoji39] Look before you leap !!
  7. Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani spoke at RIL's 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday. According to experts, one of the major focuses of the AGM would be regarding Reliance Jio — the recently launched mobile telephony, broadband services, and digital services provider. Here are the top announcements from the AGM: 1) Jio is dedicated to the Digital India vision of the prime minister, to my fellow 1.2 billion Indians and India. 2) India is 155th in the world for mobile broadband access, Jio will take the country to the top 10. 3) Jio has created an all-IP network. There is only language spoken on the Jio network. We will have a single digital mother tongue. The all-IP design also makes Jio's network the most expansive and future-proof network in the country. Jio is a data strong network built for the Internet from the ground up. By March 2017, we will cover 90 per cent of India's population. It is the first mobile network that is only 4G LTE. 4) All voice calls for Jio customers will be absolutely free. Roaming charges will also be zero across India. 5) The onboarding process will now be 100 per cent digital, using Adhaar-based EKYC, starting today from Mumbai and Delhi. 6) Jio apps bouquet will be available complimentary up to December 31 2017. 7) Effective rate of data would be five paise per MB, or Rs 50 per GB. 8) All complex telecom charges, like black-out days, eliminated. 9) Jio's services will be free of cost to all users from September 5 to December 31, 2016. 10) Jio's commercial launch will be on December 31. 11) Special offers for students with 25 per cent more data. Source: Business Standard
  8. Jio4Gvoice WiFi problem

    So can't use RCS on RN3 OR is the feature only available on non VoLTE phones with Jio4gVoice ? Even Jio guys are clueless.
  9. Jio4Gvoice WiFi problem

    I am not able to use Rich Communication Services using Jio4gVoice app while making calls to another Jio no. I am using RN3 and my friend has LYF. I am not getting option like "prepare your call" . Any fix pls..
  10. Handset suggestion 5 inch or below

    Pls ignore..got RN3..[emoji1589]
  11. Handset suggestion 5 inch or below

    Looking for a 5.5 inch LTE phone new or used preferably below ₹11k. Pls give suggestions or offers if any..Many thanks. Praveen, Nerul, New Bombay
  12. Reliance Jio launched on September 5

    Reliance Jio is likely to extend benefits under “Welcome Offer” till march 2017 Reliance Jio Infocomm is most likely to extend the validity of free ‘Welcome Offer’ to March end 2017, as it wants to aggressively meet 100 million subscriber target. Motilal Oswal analysts, in a note, said, “Mass scale free welcome offer could continue until March 2017 to attract subscriber growth towards the celebrated 100 million mark with RJio’s indicative data pricing at Rs 130-140 per gigabyte (GB).”
  13. Jio Mobile

    Jio effect.. Vodafone Announces Free Incoming Calls on National Roaming, Starting This Diwali.
  14. Jio Mobile

    No more free services pls..It s**ks...Iphone 7 or 6s plus with free Jio would be like a CNG fitted BMW [emoji58] People are ready to pay(even a premium) provided the service is excellent.
  15. Reliance Jio launched on September 5

    Jio starts carrier aggregation trials in Kerala http://goo.gl/D6FG0D
  16. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    Jio join renamed to Jio4G Voice with added features http://goo.gl/yCjkzF
  17. Haha..KDji is commenting on the quality of RCom 2g network!!
  18. VoWifi

    Will not work in 4G phone ?
  19. Reliance 4G Data Pack Offers

    Postpaid plans updated but grossly incompetent as expected.
  20. VoWifi

    I had installed Jio join app in my non VoLTE 4G handset and connected wifi from LYF hotspot. But not able to configure jio join using Jio sim on LYF.
  21. Reliance Jio launched on September 5

    Surprising as his sim was activated before 5th September. Yes, no FUP for early birds.
  22. I doubt. To support their "15 mts for verification without filling CVF" claims, biometric verification (finger print) is a must.
  23. Yes but I mean if one free sim can be used in different 4G handsets ?
  24. Is the free Jio sim locked to particular (one ) handset ?
  25. Reliance Jio launched on September 5

    JIO Join app which has a big draw back.when phone is not in use, jio join goes into offline mode.in offline mode if anyone calls ,they will hear switched Not in use meaning when data is off??