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  1. The Off Topic Thread

    Wanted good android CDMA phone for reliance I think htc one is good but dont know the review on reliance CDMA can any one pls help me . •••iPhone 4••• ✿ver 5.01~Black 32Gig✿
  2. Even i want the tool pm if any one wants to buy along with me •••iPhone 4••• ✿ver 5.01~Black 32Gig✿
  3. Hi can anyone suggest a good deal for 1 or 2 TB USB powered hard disk and also the cheapest •••iPhone 4••• ✿ver 5.01~Black 32Gig✿
  4. how is it? wanna order •••iPhone 4••• ✿ver 5.01~Black 32Gig✿
  5. Can I activate data on Verizon iphone4 ,can you also tell me where can I get the DFS tool from •••iPhone 4••• ✿ver 5.01~Black 32Gig✿
  6. hi anyone updated there iphone4 cdma to 5.1.1 .... does it solve data ,sms and called id issues pls update if any progress
  7. iPad Alternatives

    hi pls suggest a good tablet pc i need just for watching tv serials like from myedunyia.com i found akash tablet is worthless, but i found some i berry models pls suggest is there any other budget tablet also there are little difference in these two models which one should i buy. http://www.ebay.in/itm/130603002687?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_15229wt_1026 http://www.ebay.in/itm/NEW-iberry-BT07i-ANDROID-4-0-CAPACITIVE-TOUCH-Tablet-PC-HDMI-GAMES-1Yr-MFG-Wrty-/140777735488?pt=IN_iPads_Tablets&hash=item20c701c540#ht_22629wt_1026
  8. Any news for SMS and data problem on iPhone •••iPhone 4••• ✿ver 5.01~Black 32Gig✿
  9. Need Advice For Printer Purchase

    hi can anyone help me find an all in one printer actually i need it for my office i am into jewellery trade and i need to take prints of jewellery daily and presently i send the jewellery items out side for colour Xerox pls suggest me a all in one printer that has an negative scanning i heard that scanner should have negative scanning to scan any objects.. my budget is upto 15k
  10. thanx but i have an iphone4 ......and also have you tried tis update ? what does this update changes? is it for the contact names that does not appear when someone is calling or for the sms pls someone help if already updated
  11. Just got the "carrier settings update available" "cancel or update" notification on my 4. Anyone else get this and updated? Is it safe to update without effecting the jailbreak and network ? I know they usually are but just wanted to check before I do the update. and also does it solves the sms,contact and data services. On Verizon iPhone 4 5.0.1 jailbroken