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  1. Letsbuy Shuts Down Store, Redirects To Flipkart

    lets buy was a good site and cheaper than flipkart...
  2. Blackberry 8830 World Edition

    you can go for Blackberry 8530 curve that is good and also you can look at 9330 that is also good...
  3. Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA

    Hey where u saw....that will be good if its a CDMA phone ...that will be in budget...
  4. hey thanks a lot guys for your comments...i think search with Parin or saddik for 9650 or 9330 BB phones with official reliance in india...
  5. actually i was looking for used phone which might fit into my budget....is there any way where imported BB willl work with BBM and BIS services ??
  6. Samsung Guru Dual W139 - Twitter App Help

    Yes you have to go webworld ... it will cost you Rs. 4/- only for a new sim card...take your photo ID proof and residence proof and single photo...they will change the sim
  7. Hi, I am looking for Blackberry phone for reliance CDMA network. I need BBM and may be Mails... Which model will be suitable. - Budget 6-7 K ....But i need full BB keypad not like flip or small keypad. Which are running and easily available models...please suggest.
  8. Whatsapp On BlackBerry without BIS Plan?

    I think it is not possible without BIS plan....as whats up is using internet connection and on BB regular internet connection does not work...i have tried in BB 9650
  9. Settings after updating Palm Pixi Plus CDMA?

    Is it working fine after upgrade ? even i am planning to upgrade ....