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  1. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    Please tell me how u do that? Sent from my SM-G928G using Tapatalk
  2. Hello If found any solution to get data on RUIM? I have an SCh I535 (GALAXY S3 VZW) it works both text & call, but DATA is not working both 1x & EVDO.
  3. Do ##72786# (SCRTN)Connect with DFS Enter SPC & 16 DIGIT PSWD Go to Programing/General Read Config Set it to RUIM PREFERRED & than press Write button & Reboot Now ur handset will get signals Now switch off mobile data & than Go to ##DATA# Edit Enter MSL Go to More Select korea mode set Select &enable india mode Exit from data menu Reboot now & check it may work...
  4. Sprint Samsung Phones GSM Unlock App

    Hello Good News..... Our mate rimwebian @mani has devoloped a app to unlock sprint phones for gsm.... Will try mani's app on my friends sprint s4. One more XDA member @aalyatim developed a app to unlock Sprint phones for GSM....... Pls see below link... http://forum.xda-developers.com/sprint-galaxy-s5/general/sprint-samsung-unlocker-unlock-sprint-t2928250 Confirmed!!!! Working. I have unlocked my SM-N900P[sPRINT NOTE 3] for gsm with @aalyatim's ssu.apk.
  5. Using dfs connect phone, select mip tab & press read button at bottom. Select simple ip from dropdown Active profile 0 Disable all profiles to red & again press write & than reboot. Let me know if it works.....
  6. Get it working..... Just using DFS MIP tab Just change Mobile IP to Simple IP from dropdown & active profile set to 0 instead of 1 & write it & rebooted. Thats it... Done 3G sign comes back & got data working... Thanks
  7. Dear Parin I have bought it from a local guy.... He used it for only 2 days & resell to me. And he get this from a guy from delhi. But he don't remember his number. I have done it ##3282#/EDIT/MSL/MORE/KOREA MODE/SET TO INDIA/RESTART Gets Voice & SMS but NO DATA
  8. Hello Parin Sir I have made it RUIM PREF, but no luck.... Pls see SCREENSHOTS using DFS....
  9. Hello I need help of all technical experts here.... While playing with codes i done ##786# hard reset. I thought only data will be deleted, but it completely wipes out RCDMA RUIM settings also. I manage to make it to RUIM only using DFS & entering SPC & 16 DIGIT password. After restart it shows signal of reliance. I m able to make & received calls & text messages, just by changing it to RUIM mode. But NO DATA both 1x & EVDO are not working on it.... Pls suggest what to do for getting DATA back. I m on NC5 Stock Rooted... Thanks
  10. WiFi Hotspot Menu Missing From Sprint Note 3

    Yes No sprint logo... I have rooted it & tried power toogle & foxfi But shows that "hotspot not supported" How can activate on sprint here in india.... Dear Parin Sir I have found on xda that if not activated on sprint than it could be done through mod in carrier folder. Pls see the link.. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2675280 But this is for lg g2, can it be done on sprint note 3? Pls advise...
  11. WiFi Hotspot Menu Missing From Sprint Note 3

    But in my phone, both tethering & hotspot options are not available... My rom is nc5 stock... Which rom in your? Pls see pic.
  12. Dear Gurus I recently upgraded my verizon s3 with sprint note 3 SIM based. Everything like SMS, VOICE & DATA (EVDO&1x) works fine. I have a problem with it. There is no tethering & hotspot switch in menu/connections. Ihave checked everywhere in phone but no option for hotspot. I have rooted & downloaded foxfi but when i start hotpot through it, it says hotspot not supported. I searched on xda, but unable to find any solution? Pls see screenshots attached for details about OS & other settings. Thanks
  13. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    If i m not wrong... You have to manually delete your MIN from your old handset as it is still there so evdo is working on that.
  14. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    If this trick works on VERIZON S3 rooted with stock ICS?