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  1. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    good job kapil..
  2. Yes data works on 4.4.2 as well on USCC moto x
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hey guys just came across one of the section on XDA regarding "Removing the Non-Verizon SIM message" for verizon Note II Method : - Freeze "Setup wizard 1.0" in Titanium Backup Can we use same for verizon S3 also??? well i dont have it so cant check.
  4. EVDO Speed Is Too Slow As Like 1X

    No as fas as the city is concerned, there is carper coverage and kolkata is one of the top city with good throughput...
  5. Change MIP Settings on LG Marquee

    I have tried this in LG revolution but not working, trying to change MIP settings but after rebooting the settings revert to verizon settings.. can any1 help me in dis...
  6. Change MIP Settings on LG Marquee

    Ankush, does it hold good for LG Viper and revolution???
  7. EVDO Speed Is Too Slow As Like 1X

    gr8 speeds guru bhai...

    Belated Happy B'day Aalok Bhai..
  9. EVDO Speed Is Too Slow As Like 1X

    Well guys, the actual claimed speed is 3.1mbps but the max u can touch is 2,8mbps in a test environment...As the no. of users increase on a tower the speed actually gets distributed so as the reason the person getting good speed in the day time will get less speed in the evening time from 8-12PM during which more of the users pump in..It works on sharing principle not the dedicated 1 as u have in your leased line or broadband. Also with all these new plans coming up there is steep rise in the volume and hence u get the lesser speeds.
  10. Ya actually u can ask reliance guys to release the RSN and not lock it...
  11. Reliance CDMA on Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE

    Guys wanting to work on Nexus, this can be helpful to them: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1696621http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1696621
  12. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    But wat after 1gb???
  13. Change MIP Settings on LG Marquee

    Hiren,, Copy the above nc item given by Ankush in a notepad and try writing it using NV_read_Write Tool (any other tool like CDMA WS or DFS will not help and your 1x will also go). after doing so write the dump again. May be that should help.. that is how I also solved my problem.
  14. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    As per my knowledge 94 Plan gives you only 1GB of free data, after which u will be put 1x data. pls verify..
  15. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    What is your Data Plan type???