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  1. Some Software's For The Kyo 7135

    Hi once again, I've downloaded the software. It's very good. But it doesn't display the Vedas' ebooks correctly. Is there a special software for them? Maximus
  2. Some Software's For The Kyo 7135

    Hi Ashok, Thanks for all the goodies. Please let me know which app reads the holy Vedas ebooks. Maximus
  3. DADP Self-testing Tools For J2me Applications

    Hi all! Yesterday on my Nokia 6255, in R-World, under toolkit menu, I found a new menu called DADP. I don't know what it was but there was just one item under it called WAPOTA... or something. I wasn't working properly, but accessing it gave me the impression that it was the R-Surf menu in its diapers. I don't see this menu today. But this seems to augur well for all of us 6255 freaks who want WAP access on our handset. What do you guys think about it. Did anyone of you see the menu yesterday? Maximus
  4. Nokia 6255 Blues

    When I connect to R-connect via bluetooth, it disconnects frequently. I was wondering if you all could throw some light over why this is happening. Could it be that the radio waves of the CDMA and the radio waves of bluetooth be interfering with each other? Thanks, Maximus
  5. Crippled 6255

    POP3 emails is not a non-issue. Actually 6255 does have support for a POP3 account. Please refer to Nokia Website. It has been disabled by RIM. There are a lot of WAP sites such as www.getjar.com which offer shareware and demo games and apps for free. If RIM provided WAP support for 6255, we would be able to download those files. Thanks, Maximus
  6. Crippled 6255

    Oh, how could I ever forget you! You were the first one to ever reply to this topic. Thanks a million. Keep it up. By the way, thanks to Manish, I believe that we are pretty close to solving the WAP mystery. If only someone using Kyocera can read the server and port settings from his/her handset and post it here! Let's keep our fingers crossed. Thanks all of you once again, especially you, SexyGurl. Maximus
  7. Crippled 6255

    Thanks all of you guys for such invaluably helpful replies. That after all java apps can be installed on 6255 -- thanks to Tanveer -- and that "Mini Browser" options can be accessed on the handset -- thanks to Manish -- are pretty useful tips indeed. Keep it up. We can pressurize RIM into giving all the services if this forum continues this way, I hope. Thanks once again, Maximus
  8. Crippled 6255

    Hi, I would like to share this with you. I have bought a Nokia 6255 and have found that its usefulness has been crippled by RIM services in the following way: 1. No Multi-part SMS: Yes, although Nokia 6255 supports multi-part SMS (SMS which contains more than 160 characters and which is charged as more than 1 sms), since RIM does not support this feature, it has meddled with the software of the handset and as a result, you simply cannot write an SMS which is more than 160 characters. Not just that, if your friend has a GSM mobile and if he or she sends you a multi-part SMS, RIM will not allow such a message to reach you! Also, because of this, you will also not be able to send picture messages to other mobiles, since each picture message is about 3 SMS messages. You will also not be able to send business card because of it. 2. No WAP surfing: Although Nokia 6255 has a WAP 2.0 browser, RIM has disabled WAP surfing for it. As a result, you only have to be content with browsing its pathetic R-World service minus WAP surfing. 3. MMS: Your MMS through this handset, as with other handsets RIM offers, simply do not reach other networks although they do reach e-mail addresses. 4. E-mail: Although, Nokia Website says that this handset supports email messages, RIM has totally disabled "Email Messages" option from the handset's "Message" menu. As a result, you will simply not be able to download email messages from you POP3 servers to your mobile, although the handset is capable of that. 5. Apps: I am not sure, if this is because RIM has disabled it or what, but you will find that you cannot install java apps and games on this handset. The mobile simply does not recognise the jar or jad file although theoretically it should. I wish RIM had not crippled this marvelous handset to such an extent, and had allowed its patrons the pleasure of its full features. Thanks, Maximus