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  1. Permanent Unlock GSM LS980 G2 by LG Very Important: CODE: THIS UNLOCK WORKS ONLY ON ZV7 & ZV8 BASEBAND.SO PROCEED ONLY IF YOU ARE ON ZV7/ZV8 & COMPLETE STOCK STATE. WORKS ON ZVA(STOCK STATE) ALSO. Thanks to ankurcshah Downloads Source Phone has to be COMPLETE stock state rooted. How to achieve stock state? here How to root? here Dowload and Unrar, Put the Phone on Charge only Enable Debug from Developer Option Under Phone Settings If you do not have Developer Options under settings simple go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information under this tab on Build Number 10 times continuously and it will enable the Developer Options in your phone. Before running the TC you should change the language, its in Russian by default. Go to Total Commander and look for Language folder. Select all the files shown in the pic below and delete them Thats it now its set to English language. Run TC from the Unrared folder then click on the network icon marked in RED and then double click on ADB marked on YELLOW You should be able to see your phone there, double click on it and wait Now go to carrier folder and open it Copy the property folder from the unrared folder and paste it inside the carrier folder like shown in pic. Reboot and enjoy GSM unlock which will receive OTA also To make APN's stick please follow the method mentioned below Go to etc folder Look for apns-conf.xml, now replace it with the one from downloaded one Go to data folder Under data folder look for data folder Under the second data folder look for com.android.providers.telephony Look for database folder Delete telephony.db and reboot you phone APN's should stick after this THANKS to yasbxe Please donate to him.
  2. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    There is not a single thread which gives all the information regarding the LS980. also i was getting lot of pm's regarding the GSM unlock. so basically this thread will have all the information, if anything is left out please feel free so message me or in thread. Phone Config LG-G2-LS980 Phone Drivers LS980 Drivers My Experience Personally i was a Samsung fan until they came out with the Kn0x security. i had 2 choice the Note 3 and the LG G2, since the Note 3 had issues with data not working on CDMA mode and the G2 was and still is wallet friendly, so i decided to go with the G2 and till date i DO NOT regret it. LAG is something that is simply not in its dictionary, super smooth. Like the HTC One this phone is also sealed and comes in 2 variants 16 and 32 Gigs. Initially only 2 colors Black and White, now the actual(international) site has many different ones. This one is a LCD compared to the S4 with AMOLED, To be frank only if you have the two phones together you might see the difference. I found the G2 to be more vibrant and a lil brighter side compared to the S4. 1000 times more accurate smartstay display than the S4, Same with auto brightness. Feels much lighter than the S4 and the build quality is anyday better than S4, feels solid in hand. Many have debated about the volume and power keys being at the back, actually its something you have to try and then understand, now if i handle any other phone than my G2 i tend to Tap the display 2 times softly to get the screen going, like the home or power button, im so used to it now. Tap 2 times on display to lock the screen & same to to light the display back again. Initially when i first got the phone i used to tap hard thinking that was the right way and 7/10 times it used to work, did not know that one has to tap very lightly as possible. Soft tap 2 times gets it locked and vice-versa 10/10 times. Its actually easier to use volume rockers in the center position then one side like anyother phone. Theres more to this phone and i dont have the patience nor time to explain everything. Phone definitely requires a case to protect it from fall, i have the Spigen Slim Armour. Runs on 4.2.2JB and 2 updates have been released till date. LS980ZV7 (Initial Release) LS980ZV8 (Security Update) LS980ZVA (Sprint Spark and loki-killer) Not used in India so i have not taken it. LS980ZVC (KitKat 4.4.2 OS Update) Also if you are a custom ROM freak DO NOT INSTALL the ZVA update as it removes the ability to do that. People who have taken it do not worry as there is a work around. Custom ROM installation for people who have taken ZVA update. Only if you understand everything mentioned in the above link proceed else you just might end up with a hard brick. Sprint Dialer Codes Source 5689#*980# - LG Hidden Service Menu Thanks to EricDabbs ##RTN# - RTN Menu ##SCRTN# - Erases any info that has been OTA provisioned. Forces a reboot and re-activation. ##DIAG# - Enables diag mode. this menu blocked by MSL. Simply enter your MSL ##DATA# - Advanced data menu. ##DEBUG# - Debug Menu ##CLEAR# - Reset network settings ##UPDATE# - Forces Activation ##GPSCLRX# - Clear GPS ##GPSTESTPRL# - ?? ##WLAN# - WLAN info ##LOG# - syslog info ##MRU# - MRU Clear ##SSDRTN# - Reset SSD ##TEST - Data Test menu ##YOUROWNMSLHERE# - Service Programming menu ##443336772# Shows MSL code near the bottom of the screen thanks mojo4321 ##4433386368# - Developer menu ##4437736368# - Producer menu How to back up EFS Its already confirmed RUIM data only works if used before flashing anything to the phone, Out of the box phone can be used for RUIM with calls sms and data. so its very important to back up complete stock state EFS partition Two ways to backup EFS, below i have mentioned how to root, during the root process at one stage EFS partition is backed up auto. Or after root use FreeGee from Google Play (Requires root access) Install and backup EFS. How to get you MSL/SPC Easiest method to get SPC: Dial ##443336772# and your SPC/MSL will be displayed on the screen! Probably this will work for other LG phones also. [Credit goes to phonegeek] How to Gain Root Access Root FIle Works with All Baseband Updated ioroot.zip where did i get this ? SOURCE 1 After you have downloaded the file required for root, Put the phone in Debug mode, for this under settings go to Developer Options. If you do not have Developer Options under settings simple go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information under this tab on Build Number 10 times continuously and it will enable the Developer Options in your phone. 2 Under display settings set the screen timeout to 5 minutes(you can set it back to your liking later when you are done with root) 3 Connect your phone to PC/Laptop 4 Under pull down notification change the USB settings from MTP to Charge Only 5 Unzip the ioroot file and from the folder execute the run.bat file 6 The command prompt will ask you to press any key as show in pic below 7 You will be prompted to toggle USB connection shown marked in red, three ways you can toggle that, show in marked yellow, select the first one, remove usb connection from the phone and re-plug it back. the PRESS ENTER. 8 Your phone will show toggled notification and also it will ask you to allow USB Debugging with the computer showing the computers RSA key, Mark "Always allow from this computer" & select ok. The command prompt it will warn you again about loosing warranty and more warnings, this is the last point to decide to continue or press CTRL+C to cancel. PRESS ENTER. Your phone EFS will be backed up like shown in pic below and again it will ask you to press enter, PRESS ENTER. 9 Phone is rooted and phone will reboot. check if you have SuperSu or SU in your phone. How to Unroot Access Superuser app, go to settings of the app & look for Full unroot. Select it and wait for the phone to reboot. Recovery for KitKat 4.4.2 LS980ZVC SOURCE GSM Unlock For G2 LS980 This is a temporary GSM unlock & not a permanent or a solid one. Two known issues, you cant access Wi-Fi settings, as it crashes if you try to access, and you cant dial any number without adding 0 before it. Example: Sunny Leons phone number is 6969696969, to call her you gotta dial 06969696969. If you dial direct 6969696969 the phone app crashes and your phone switches to GSM mode if you are in CDMA mode. As far as i know these are only 2 known bugs this unlock has. hope we get a more stable unlock. Install ROM Toolbox Lite 1 Run Rom Toolbox Lite and select performance marked in red 2 Select build.prop editor marked in red 3 Select search using the magnifying glass icon below marked in red 4 In search field type "build.target" as shown in pic below 5 Select "ro.build,target_operator" as show in pic below 6 Change value from "SPR" to "spr" as show in pic below and press ok marked in yellow. 7 Reboot popup will come, select ok and reboot the phone. Your phone should be GSM unlocked now. Install HIAPN or Tweakker for APN settings of your service provider. Install Telinfo to switch between CDMA(CDMA Auto PRL) & GSM(GSM Auto PRL) Permanent Unlock for the LG-G2-LS980
  3. 99% of people know how to change mode from NV to RUIM using DFS, This is for the rest 1% who don't know. Download DFS and install on PC. Phone Drivers I'm using a LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA model, so illustrating for the said model Know your SPL/MSL code: Dial ##443336772# Shows MSL code near the bottom of the screen, write it or memorize it. Put the phone into DIAG mode: Dial ##3424#, Enter SPC/MSL code and press ok. Select enable and press ok. Your phone is in DIAG mode. Enable Debug in Developer Options of the phone. If you do not have Developer Options under settings simple go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information under this tap on Build Number 10 times continuously and it will enable the Developer Options in your phone. Put the phone in Charge only Now that your phone is connected, Run DFS on PC & Select Ports marked in red. Select LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port (COM16) -> this can be any number, its 16 in my case. Once the above port is selected it should it indicate like shown in pic below marked in red. Double click on LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port (COM16) marked in yellow. If properly connected, it should look like its shown in red in the pic below. Enter your SPC/MSL in the SPC field marked in yellow and then press the SPC button. It should say Device Unlocked in the log window of DFS shown below marked in orange. Now select programming marked in blue and then select read in config marked in red. Select the Ruim Config marked in yellow, change it from NV_ONLY to RUIM_ONLY. Once the mode is changed from NV_ONLY to RUIM_ONLY as shown below marked in red, select write marked in yellow & finally select Reset at top right corner of DFS marked in pink. Your phone should reboot and if your phone is capable of taking a RUIM SIM, all features like voice sms and data should work at this time. I try to make my tutorials as noob friendly as possible, if you still have doubts or confused, don't hesitate to ask.
  4. LG G3 F400 GSM/CDMA

  5. This i have read on XDA, but was not keen on doing it till st_7 mentioned it here. all credits go to him. To receive the KitKat ZVC OTA you have to COMPLETE stock without root and Stock Recovery a MUST. Without the above i dont suggest anybody to update if you get OTA, but then you are welcome to try just dont blame anyone here for a brick !! Access phone settings Access Apps Go to all, In all access Google Services Framework Use clear data and clear cache Once the Data and Cache of Google Services Framework is cleared Access System Updates Access Update LG Software You Should get a screen with dates 1/1/1970, In the same screen Check for update. now i dont have that screen since i got the update after many tries. Got the update by Force I got this after a few tries, just keep doing it till you get it. Will update about the GSM unlock, root, Wi-Fi hotspot & other essential information. Cheers
  6. Install the following: Titanium backup Root Explorer BusyBox APN Backup & Restore Once busybox is installed select install and reboot, DO NOT RUN any for the apps for now. Data used to work on all modes [CDMA NV, RUIM & GSM] with ZV7, ZV8 & ZVA. With the G2 on KitKat 4.4.2[ZVC] data either worked on GSM SIM or CDMA NV, RUIM data does not work, it says "Service Disabled" on Lockscreen. I have managed to get Data to work on both CDMA NV and GSM SIM, meaning you can switch between networks with data working on both without rebooting the phone. To be frank its a very simple trick anyone can do. Below is a noob friendly tutorial, just follow step by step. NOTE: Since the names of the apps are too long im gonna use short form of the same to make this easy for me. Titanium Backup = TB Root Explorer = RE APN Backup & Restore = APNBR VERY IMPORTANT: Switch the phone to GSM/UMTS mode, At this point your phone should have a APN saved and Data working on it. This also means CDMA NV data will not working since the GSM is working. Run TB and goto backup/restore, look for APNBR. Press and hold APNBR till you get a popup menu, in menu select "Convert to System APP" Once the APNBR is converted to system app it should reflect in red as shown. Run RE and go to /system/app/ folder Look for APNBR app as shown Press and hold to get secondary menu, select move, you might get a Warning about system being read only, do you want to remount as read-write, select yes. Go back to system folder and look for priv-app & move the APNBR apk to that folder. Now run APNBR, you might get a warning about APN can not be restored or deleted bla bla bla. just select ok. Use the top right corner menu and select "Disable ICS Check". Select Backup APNs It will tell you to name the backup, just leave as it is or name it according to your choice. Now that your APN for GSM is backed RUN APNBR and select Delete APNs and press ok At this point your GSM data will stop working, Now switch to CDMA/LTE in network mode and since GSM APN is missing your CDMA data should kick in. To get the GSM DATA back again, switch back to GSM/UMTS and run APNBR and Restore APNs, your GSM DATA will kick in instantly.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S5

    Got to see the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S5. Phone feels smooth and damn fast, that was my first impression. Took a few snaps, thought ill share here. Phone Specs Home Screen Pull Down Notification Same as above in Edit mode New Soft Keys Settings Menu in main menu looks more like Nokia theme. New Back Design Back Cover, See the black lining, Thats a rubber seal which prevents water from entering in case the phone is dropped in water New design battery, rest all look like Note 3 NOW WAITING FOR OUR TEAM TO GET THE CDMA VERSION
  8. Requirements 1 Stock LG G2 LS980 Firmware 2 LG Flash Tool 3 Dll file for LG G2 LS980 (LGLS980_20130904_LGFLASHv151.dll) 4 MegaLock.dll All the above can be found on zip file here LG G2 LS980 Drivers Once the required files are downloaded and unzipped, install the LG Flash Tool to default C:\LG\LGFlashTool\ Then unzip the MegaLock.dll.zip file and place the MegaLock.dll file in same directory (C:\LG\LGFlashTool\) Very Important Connect your phone to Pc/Laptop Under Pull Down notification of your phone change the USB settings From MTP to Charge Only Under Device Manager of your Pc/Laptop, Right click on Ports(COM & LPT) as show below in red and select properties in yellow. Select Port Settings as show below Select Advanced as show below Select COM Port Number marked in red and choose COM41 marked in yellow as shown below. It should look like as shown below in red Unplug your phone from Pc/Laptop, switch it of. Put the phone in DOWNLOAD mode by pressing and holding VOL UP key and plug in the USB cable, If you see download mode on phone, give it 5 secs and unplug the USB cable from the phone. Phone has to be in DOWNLOAD mode even after unplugging the USB cable. Run LG Flash Tool & select manual mode marked in red as shown below in pic Once you have selected Manual mode, we have to choose the dll related to LS980, select browse as shown in pic below. Choose the dll file as shown in pic below, This dll file should be found in the main unzipped folder. After choosing the dll file now we have to add the firmware which needs to be flashed. so select "add" shown in red in pic below. Now select the firmware file with the extension *.tot (LS980ZV7_1.tot in our case) as shown in pic below. Once both the dll and the firmware are select choose ok as show in pic below. Now press the yellow arrow mark marked in red as shown in pic below. When you select the yellow arrow, you might get a popup saying "MilkyWay Control Port Open FAIL" just select ok as shown below in pic. Wait for it !!!!! IF YOU GET THE ABOVE PIC !!! its time to connect your phone. Its very important for your phone to be in CHARGE ONLY mode. This you have done earlier in the beginning. Simple connect your phone and wait for the tool to get connected and the flash process to start. Roughly it should take 2 to 3 minutes to flash. The phone will reboot when its still in flash process at around 85% or more. Thats it your phone is fully flashed to complete stock, since its a full flash wait for the phone to boot as if its booting first time. WAIT FOR IT. UNPLUG and enjoy your phone. Feel free to ask questions before proceeding.
  9. Lollipop does not need any tweak, Data works without any build.prop edit by default.
  10. You gotta be more specific, which phone, what are you trying to write. It will help us to answer you. Just with this image no one will be able to answer your query.
  11. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    NV registrations have stopped, which means ONLY & ONLY old phones which have their MEID already registered Will work and no new phones, Unless you really have some good connections in backend of Reliance.
  12. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Try with a new SIM
  13. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Sms incoming?
  14. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Sorry for my earlier post, Data Sms calls everything works on ZVG, it was my phone settings that were messed up. Please update.
  15. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    RUIM data will work on ZVG update without any tweaks the only PROBLEM is no INCOMING SMS, trying my best to solve this issue but cant seem to get anywhere. Anyone has any clues please update on this thread. GSM unlock also done using the same method mention on this forum.
  16. How To: Permanent Unlock Sprint LG G2 LS980 for GSM

    BEFORE UPDATING TO ZVG, MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS UNLOCKED. Backup all data thats required from the phone to your pc or comp or laptop. Reverse all changes that has been made to the system folder, like build.prop edits or renaming of apps. Then unroot the phone via super user app from the phone. SuperSU/Settings/Full Unroot. After unroot simply reset the phone using settings. Download ZVG update.zip from XDA. Place update.zip in your adb folder, Run command prompt from that folder. Developer option and USB DEBUGGING has to be enabled. Switch the phone off, Use Power+Vol Down button to enter STOCK recovery, Select Update phone from ADB. Connect phone wait for the drivers to load. in command prompt check if the device shows up, adb devices, once confirmed, run "adb sideload update.zip" and wait for the magic to happen. total time 10 to 15 minutes. ENJOY.
  17. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    UPDATED TO ZVG LOLIPOP Android 5.0.0 RUIM Data works without any tweaks.
  18. Source by theotherguy All credit goes to hotaru2k3 and Rimidal from XDA First off you need to be on stock sprint rom or base for this to work. Also it will work on bad esn phones If you are on KitKat 4.4.2, scroll all way to end of this post, follow the procedure then follow the steps mentioned below. 1. You should be rooted 2. Download Termnial Emulator 3. Run Terminal Emulator 4. Type "su" (excluding quotation marks) and grant it superuser permission 5. Type "am start com.redbend.vdmc/com.htc.omadm.test.TestMainActivity" (excluding quotation marks) 6. You will get menu on your HTC 7. In that menu, select "API", then scroll down 'till almost end and select "simlock" 8. Reboot the phone and hopefully it would accept GSM SIM 9. Enter *#*#4636#*#* in your dialer 10.In the phone information section(the first one) set preferred network type to something that is GSM specific: "WCDMA Preferred", for example. The phone will switch to GSM mode How to Video Recognized Developer -viperboy- from XDA has developed a app for the above procedure.Source to his thread on this app. How to find SPC or MSL without root, Credits to HetalDP 1. Uninstall all HTC drivers 2. Reboot 3. Install Install HTCDriver_4.2.0.001.exe 4. Install WModem_Driver_Installer_v3.0.2.0.rar 5. Dial ##SERIAL# and Put it ON , HTC Modem Drivers will be loaded. 6. Once Installed Start HTC-One-MSL.rar (Required Microsoft .Net 2.0) 7. Select Proper HTC Modem Port and Hit READ How to unlock if you are on KitKat 4.4.2 (source) credits to maniac8828 for doing it.
  19. Sprint HTC One MAX GSM SIM UNLOCK Source theslimed2013 is the author of this UNLOCK Your phone has to be rooted and S-OFF How to root and S-Off Install Root Explorer & Sprint HTCOne SIMUnlock Helper Download the attached file HtcOMADM_SPCS.apk Now this app should go into /system/app/ directory, Make sure you rename the app that is already present in your phone and only then place this file there. One placed make sure you change permissions to rw-r-r and then reboot. Run the SimUlock helper app, this might give you "DEVICE CHECK FAIL" in Red, Might also say "Device is not a Sprint HTC One! There for this Program will not run", IGNORE. Select 3 Menu dots on the upper right hand side and select "Display Sim Unlock Log", Grant permissions by superuser if asked. You should get empty Sim Unlock Log, Hit back button, wait for it to say "Device verified" Root available bla bla bla. Select "Start" and wait for OMADM Test Client to start, once the OMADM Test Client starts scroll down till SIMLOCK and select it, Wait for a few seconds. Phone should return to normal select back, Sim Unlock Helper should show Sim Unlock Results, if it says Successful, reboot the phone. if the app reboot does not work, use the phone reboot menu. DONE. Pop in your GSM SIM, set APN, data should work. Credit goes to garynsa for showing this thread and trying to confirm this method.
  20. How-To: Unlock Sprint HTC One for GSM

    I have no clue about US. I remember a thread for the same phone on XDA, search for it on XDA, in sure there is a solution. Or best thing is now you can call Sprint to unlock the phone for you.US has passed a new law. First find out if your phone's IMIE is clean. Swappa has a link on its site which can verify for you.
  21. APP ADDED FOR ONE CLICK 22/11/2013 SPCUtility.apk LATEST METHOD This method requires internet connection, this above app wont work without internet connection. simply log on to WIFI and run it.
  22. Data folder can't be empty. Maybe you are using a file explorer which does not have root access.
  23. How To: Permanent Unlock Sprint LG G2 LS980 for GSM

    You gotta do the unlock again. Copy the carrier folder on to your phones sd, root the phone, use root explorer to copy and paste the carrier folder in root directory, it SHOULD ask you permission to mount system to read & write, select yes. Then go to data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/database/"telephony.dn" -> Delete this file only. Reboot. In KK the file system varies, so property folder values are shifted to a diff folder. DON'T worry about that.