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  1. Palm Pixi Plus Restart Problem

    2) when i open App Catalog its indicates. " The action could not be completed, Try again Later" Solution: download first use app from preware. after installation create a palm profile and after that use app catalog, the problem will be solved.
  2. Palm Pixi Plus Restart Problem

    Hi everyone, from several days I am facing strange problem with my palm pixi. Its getting automatically off while not being used. I am really in problem by that. I have to check my pixi after every few minutes that it is on or not. If anyone also facing same problem? can anyone have solution for this?
  3. How to get Applications For Palm Pixi Plus?

    I have a Sprint Palm Pixi with Reliance. I have loaded preware in it. I am facing a very big problem. Whenever I try to download (file extensions which are supported by my device like .jpg, .mp3, .mp4 ) something from default web browser it gives error symbol followed by file name which I were trying to download. I am just fed up with this. When I download a video file or mp3 file it starts to stream online. pls pls pls cdmagurus give me solution for this ;pls anyone on this forum can help pls
  4. Palm Pixi USB port problem

    Problem solved I just removed my device battery and put it in usb reboot mode and restart the device and now its connected to my pc again.
  5. Palm Pixi USB port problem

    I have already tried this process, but no positive result.
  6. Palm Pixi USB port problem

    yes I have checked device manager, it's not showing phone. I HAVE ANOTHER USB PORT ALSO I want to mention one thing that I wanted to use app catalog for that I installed preware via webos quick install and installed first use application and created a palm profile. After that my device get retarted and my apps which I have downloaded are not visible in main menu and my device is not showing the usb mass storage option.
  7. Palm Pixi USB port problem

    Hi everyone, I have a palm pixi sprint with reliance and I am facing a problem related to USB port. Whenever I am connecting to my h/s with my pc via usb port its just charging. Its not asking for usb mass storage and just charge option on h/s display. I have checked that it is not in diag mode via USBPASS on dialpad. I have tried The developer mode both in on and off. Can anyone help me in such case. pls I want to connect it with my pc because I want to copy some data from h/s to pc pls pls help me asap.
  8. Hi, I want to know the process for diagnostic diag mode for sony ericsson xperia play r800 handset. anyone pls help me
  9. How to get Applications For Palm Pixi Plus?

    I have bought a palm pixi sprint and registered with reliance. I am unable to install any preware or app on my palm pixi through webos quick installer. whenever I try to install any app through webos quick installer I see a popup of installing and it stuck on for hours. I am using windows 7 32bit I am just fade up of this webos,,,,,,,,,,, pls some one help me asap. Yes I have made it in developer mode Yes I have novacom drivers Yes I have .ipk file
  10. Tutorial: Configure 1X on Verizon Palm Pre Plus

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssss, I have done it. I am using 1x on my palm pixi