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  1. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    I want to buy a device for reading books and web browsing and it must have latest specification like 3G ,7-8 inches screen ,good resolution , good speed , good screen which doesn't strain my eyes after long use and has same experience in reading just like using printed/hard copies book . Everyone is welcome for their suggestion .
  2. Sent mail to cc and appellate authority yesterday night with all details. They called me today noon and told me to do OMH upgradation by visiting web world. I am using lg spectrum in non-sim mode. Is it possible to me? Someone please clarify this.
  3. Reliance people are highest rated idiots. After calling *355, they replied- had will not be activated on omh sim. Another reply was- no one can use CDMA internet in micromax 300c modem with omh sim. If we want internet,we have to use GSM sim in that modem. These People must be send to Galaxy. Finally evdo was not activated. Can anyone help me please?
  4. As I am a nubie, want to know the term HSD and how much max speed is available in this mode? Is this equivalent to EVDO?
  5. Hetal bhai great hai.. HE solved my problem quickly. I am grateful to you, HETAL BHAI. May god bless you.
  6. kmc251Tried your suggestion, but no help. Any other idea?
  7. Thanks for suggestion but it didn't help.
  8. My phone doesnt support *228 (verizon lg spectrum) . I saved *22890/22898/22899 with differen names and when dial that it tells for language selection but after that my phone could not activated.Reliance employees are worthless. Please help
  9. <p>aalok bhai,</p> <p> </p> <p>MEID has registered already. Have to register ESN again and have to pay another sum to the registrar again?</p> <p> </p> <p>My phone doesnt support *228 (verizon lg spectrum) . I saved *22898 with a name and when dial that it tells that my phone could not activated. I have a prepaid ruim card whose MIN, MDN entered through cdma ws to my phone but it couldnot activated and reliance employees are worthless.I am from KOLKATA</p> <p> </p> <p>What I did-</p> <p>MIN- MIN of RUIM</p> <p>MDN-9331######(10 DIGIT)</p> <p>MCC-404</p> <p>MNC-00</p> <p>IMSI404000000000000(15 digit)</p> <p> </p> <p>Any guide will appreciated. </p>
  10. Diag Mode/Drivers for Mobiles

    USB DEBUGGING does not help. Only phone can be read with cdma workshop/qpst in debugging mode but not writable. What to do? I am a newbie. Pls Hlp.. Thanks. I post this to another forum and someone has advised me to enable usb init from kernel and dial ##PROGRAM920. But how can i do this? I am new to android also.
  11. Diag Mode/Drivers for Mobiles

    Please add for lg spectrum vs920. Could not able to program this beast.