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  1. PPOBox is always a sh*it! It's being run by bunch of fraudsters and unprofessional people. Around 1.5 years ago they lost my iPhone 5s 32 GB worth $750, my phone was arrived in Mumbai I paid duty and it was shipped to some other location than my address, when I complained they didn't take any action for days and then they came up with news that it was lost!! Same thing happened with my friend and fellow Rimweb member Akhil, he also lost his iPhone 5 with them the same way. It is not by accident, PPOBox people are thieves themselves who steal high value phones. No one is taking action due to lack of knowledge of Consumer Protection Laws, I have my full draft of complaint ready with me and I am visiting Mumbai within next 2 weeks to file a case against these moro*ns in District Consumer Forum. I have been telling everyone not to use their shi*tty services for high value phones, someday you will get a surprise for sure!!
  2. Please check and reply.
  3. That is interesting. So we would need to get it activated on Sprint itself I believe, but how to do it from India? Does activation work over WiFi? I have a Tribute with my friend in US, I could ask him to try activating it on Sprint and see if the Hotspot feature gets enabled. No idea how all this will work but he said he somehow managed to get it activated officially and that's how it worked.
  4. I have contacted this guy http://olx.in/item/brand-new-lg-tribute-cdma-omh-sim-android-kitkat-IDSsSwp.html yesterday, he seems to be a big cdma dealer, he said there is no root, he has managed to activate phone officially that made Hotspot working and Handsfree Activation Pop-up gone. Of course he refused to reveal the method how he did it, but I think we should concentrate on how to activate it officially through a 4G sim or may be some other way.
  5. Nope, doesn't work, I have one and it is lying with me since its launch.Thanks. Not even call works? Which version do you have? Sprint or Virgin?Yup, no calls. I have Sprint one.
  6. Nope, doesn't work, I have one and it is lying with me since its launch.
  7. Verizon Galaxy S3 not turning on - help please

    Hi, I do Jtag unbrick professionally, if you want, you may send it to me, I am at Gujarat. Please PM me for more details.
  8. I have found temporary fix for wifi hotspot on KitKat, if you want wifi hotspot on the go just change value to TMO, you will have zero network signal bars but it will be connected to the network and you will be able to turn on data as well as hotspot. Hotspot application will crash but hotspot will tuen on.
  9. Great buddy, did you perform any tweaks for that crash thing? If so, plz share.
  10. This is taken from the xda thread but I feel it is worth a try to fix the above issue... "To fix the issue of the com.android.phone process crashing when you don't dial a 1 in front of the number edit the /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db file with a SQLlite editor and change in the "system" table "assist_dial" and "assist_dial_init_db_check" to "0". If you don't see those 2 rows then you can add them. Fix permissions, wipe cache and reboot." Source http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=:52915223&postcount=814&nocache=1&z=2307072603143751 I can confirm that above method didn't work for me. It still crashes phone application.
  11. @st_7 Yes buddy, I also thought so, I guess we didn't tried because G2 veteran Vinod exhausted and said he didn't find anything yet. Btw, any solution for Wifi Hotspot buddy? I am trying hard to get it working but nothing so far, I even tried replacing service.jar and others, but, still hotspot never started.
  12. @Vinod Yes, data works on ZVC on OMH, this post is all about that. Didn't it work for you?
  13. @kuduku No it was not an inspiration, but, it seems interesting, need to try out. Hotspot might work that way. I am trying now, lets see.
  14. Friends, as Vinod ji just suggested, if you want that slim network signal bars and the spark 3g icon, please put up 'spr' without quotes as value. Thanks Vinod ji, for pointing out.
  15. Hello everyone, I was so desirous to use Kitkat on my G2, the only thing was barrier to my desire was no data on OMH and I didn't wanted to use in on NV. I was so desperate and was messing with it since long, yesterday, something clicked in my mind, I have marked that it was showing 'Service Disabled' on lock screen when CDMA SIM was in. I thought it must be something related to internal lock that is preventing device to get connected to data. I started exploring build.prop and yes, here it was. I found solution. So, here you go! It has cons as well, I have discussed them below, I hope veterans like Vinod ji and others will have solution for it. Have a look and enjoy! Here is the tutorial : Requirements : 1- Must be on Kitkat (Of course, lol!) 2- Must be rooted 3- Must have ROM Toolbox Lite or Root Explorer Execute ROM Toolbox Lite and go to performance tab by sliding your finger left, there is "build.prop Editor", click it and it will present to you with lots of texts, find ' ro.build.target_operator ' as below : <a href="http://imgur.com/zRNRjfb"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/zRNRjfb.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a> Your phone must have it's value as SPR, change its value to REL as shown in the above pic and restart. Whoila! You have data on Kitkat on OMH! But wait, there are cons : 1- You will have to dial 0 before calling, else, phone application will crash. Wifi works perfectly for me!. 2- You will have that old looking thick network signal bars. I absolutely hate it and I am working to get those slim and modern looking network signal bars back. (Vinod ji, please help!) 3- Wifi hotspot not working at all. (Working on that too) You can lock the device back by changing value to SPR and you will have those slim network signal bars again with no data! So, those were cons, I have not found anything else since last 24 hours. Some of you guys may discover. Thank you all and sorry for such lengthy tutorial as I could just have said ; "Edit build.prop and change ' ro.build.target_operator ' value to REL!"