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  1. Reliance CDMA OMH Speed Upgrade Query!

    From sim using in data card u r not able to get revb U would only get where they have own rev b. Where they r using mts network. No solution still far. Sent from my SM-E700H using Tapatalk
  2. Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier - Reliance Pro 3

    yes u can use that sim i delhi but rember sim should be alredy activated in home circle. use paytm; mobikwik to recharge it. it will work evdo also work after sending HSD msg. sent by :- huaweitrick02
  3. rooting all android phone even bluestack too everybody know various app that can root android phone but this guide will help u to root and also u r able to use XPOSED too this will help u to root and install super su instead of kingroot 1) why super su ???? bcz in kingroot many app not work like xposed imei changer and some root app too ist install kingroot from given below link https://www.dropbox.com/s/49m6slz4cnqoyjt/Kingroot_V4.5.0.902.apk?dl=0 and install in ur phone after that use wifi or mobile internet connection than click on start root wait 3 to 5 minute according to ur internet connection . it will root ur mobile NOW STEP TO REMOVE KINGUSER FROM SUPERSU SUPER SU IS FAR BETTER THAN CHINESE KINGUSER 2 ) now download this file from the link place in root of ur internal sd card https://www.dropbox.com/s/xl6b8dgmqhtrbqi/Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU-v2.0.zip?dl=0 3) extract it in internal storage from file explorer 4) now install terminal emulator app from play market now open it type su ( grant permission ) now type sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh now it will give some error like in image but later it will open super su click on install as normal than reboot now after reboot update it i had tried many phones from and get successful root almost 80 % mobile will be done from this method if it worked for u hit like button. [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] sent by :- huaweitrick02
  4. Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier - Reliance Pro 3

    yes , wifi conected with reliance rev b sent by :- huaweitrick02
  5. Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier - Reliance Pro 3

    Is mts upgrading its server to 9.8 mbps to 1r.4 mbsp the magic happend today i dont know i m today getting generally batter speed ; ☺ normally i got 3 to 4 mbps speed in day time. but when i found speed is going much batter i m getting more than 1 mbps in idm , downloading speed. after going on speed test. i found 3 to 4 time test done getting 8 to 11 mbps speed now question arise in delhi mts only provide 9.8 mbps than how i m getting more than this. i think mts is upgrading its server and testing is going on.... sent by :- huaweitrick02
  6. Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier - Reliance Pro 3

    [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] boss it takes one month for testing and complete working of rev b on my device. i m using latest version b prl no 5 on my device . and getting it worked here. sent by :- huaweitrick02
  7. Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier - Reliance Pro 3

    hello rimweb users one thing i want to know that earlier people using huawei ec 315 and ec 306 in Bangalore and various other places where reliance has its own rev b network. and getting good speed now a days u r getting same speed or speed cap by reliance cdma on rev b @ sim. plz tell ur experience thanks rahul sent by :- huaweitrick02
  8. Reliance Pro 3 Speed Test

    i m using htc 510 in non sim i have 2 phone 1 is samsung grand max 2 is htc 510 using reliance unlimted plan i use htc 510 as a wifi hostspot and calling... that why second pics is samsung. sent by :- huaweitrick02
  9. Need Suggestions - CDMA zero plan

    this plan is totally unlimited calling in roaming too and internet too i m too using in rev b monthly 80 to 120 gb data. i used sent by :- huaweitrick02
  10. Used Netconnect dongle for new connection

    yes it can be easily unlock to use all cdma sim tata mts reliance sent by :- huaweitrick02
  11. Reliance Pro 3 Speed Test

    hello friends from several days i had not checked evdo b . handset model htc 510 sprint evdo B WORKING fine in various part of delhi with reliance speed in day time around 2.1 mbps to 3.5 mbps @ night above 3.5 mbps sent by :- huaweitrick02
  12. Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier - Reliance Pro 3

    Yes. I can see that now. Thanks. However, why is validty only 28 days and not 30 days? What happens on the 29th and 30th of the month if you use data or voice? Do they deduct from main balance? My MN149 plan has validity of 30 days. hey bro, Imagine in this way, you recharge a pack for 10 days then you dont ask the company what happens for usage from 11th to 30th day.. Right? Similarly this is a 28days pack (we were so used to the monthly packs of 30 days validity) so on 29th and 30th day if you dont recharge any other pack your balance will be debited for usage. in delhi. only rev. a. will. work sent by :- huaweitrick02@gmail.com
  13. yes smartfren. also allow. us to send sms sent by :- huaweitrick02@gmail.com
  14. these data card will be unlocked. for using. rev b also work in nv and sim. mode sent by :- huaweitrick02@gmail.com
  15. Yes all unlockable Also rev b working sent by :- huaweitrick02@gmail.com