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  1. Unfortunately the chat application/icon doesnot open here in my PC
  2. Not sure why but from few days I am not able to reach the executives to log a complaint for incorrectly updating data validity. Whenever I choose the option to speak to customer care executives theres this IVR which speaks about *367 and logging to website and after that it says thankyou for connecting to Reliance and the call is ended. Is there any other way to log a complaint (I have emailed the customer care but still havent got any response) Here is brief on my problem for which I need to raise the complaint if anyone is facing the same: On November 15 I had recharged for 1 GB 3G data costing Rs 123 and validity of 30 days. Now as it happens always, I didnot get Balance 500 Mbs within 48 Hrs so I had to followup for that. After multiple followups I finally received the balance 500MB on 26th November. However reliance made a goofup by having the validity of 26 november instead of 26 december. Now my data plan is wrongly shown expired and the huge amount is deducted from my tariff plan/talktime.
  3. Well its original un-rooted version of android 4.2.2..baseband:M9615A-CEFWMAZM-2.0.1700.48 & Build: JDQ39 Yes when I cancel this pop-up it works fine...
  4. As soon as I switch on my Nexus 4 there is this pop up saying "R world, requesting handset configuration" and the moment you click OK my network connectivity goes kaput completely and the only way to restore is to restart my phone again and then cancel that popup...its strange and frustrating...why is this happening? any solution?