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  1. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    I also got to know about this but the problem is that i dont know how it would look .. It could look like a taxi And 25% is just for advertisement u would have to pay 30-40% and drive 1500 km as per the executive who visited and yeah its only for people who drive 50km + every day !
  2. There should be a option of north american dialing just switch that on !
  3. Help Needed: iCloud Activation Bypass in iPhone

    fake file sha1 doesnt match any1 else got any other file or can crack the password ? btw ty hitesh
  4. Help Needed: iCloud Activation Bypass in iPhone

    So basically m just saying is that some1 (a recognised developer in jb community )released a tool which can bypass icloud lock BUT not for every1 but for people who are skilled enough to follow a procedure and finding out the password to the zip file (basically its like a math problem and u have to find out the answer ) So if u or anyone could follow the steps above and calculate the password to the zip file . I would be grateful for that Thank you
  5. Help Needed: iCloud Activation Bypass in iPhone

    hey guys ih8sn0w has released a tool but we need someone to decrypt the password How do you get the zip password you're asking? Easy... (no survey bull****) Encrypt the string "r0bf0rdsn0w-r0bf0rdsn0w-r0bf0rdsn0w-r0bf0rdsn0w!!" with the s5l8920x AES GID key.You know you got this right when the IV is... E6A9B03D9670523CFA8849A23A28722E This part was posted on twitter... Decrypt the outputted IV+Key from the s5l8920x with the s5l8930x AES GID key.You know you got this right when the KEY is...027132EF9D79AE6CD38E1E2CD3ED9080860EF53ED1CBA6D8395BDBCF541C1E2B Finally, encrypt the outputted IV+Key from the s5l8930x with the s5l8940x AES GID key.You know you got this right when the IV starts with F8A555D2 and the KEY starts with F4DFD3CB. The password is the final IV+Key from above, 32-bit endian byte flipped. Enjoy! : link -http://r0bf0rdsn0w.ih8sn0w.com/ any1 who is capable of to decrypt the password pls help thank you
  6. I am not sure about comgateway charging at what prices they charge For sns u will have cheaper shipping rate and their insurance is cheaper 1$ for each 100$ first 100$ is free And for used mobiles sns charge at market price and for new they charge at invoice Btw for how much did u buy ur g2
  7. Yeah, Use ishop , comgateway if ordering new or new others they would charge at invoice rate Otherwise buy a sns a/c for 10$ and u can buy used and new from them at best prices ( m going to buy using sns next time i buy something )
  8. Did you get your PPOBox invoice?Jst saw ur msg ,Here's what they charged : ICC Shipping, Handling & Clearance Fees: Rs. 890 Insurance Fees: Rs. 304 Customs Duty: Rs. 1,736 Service Tax: Rs. 148 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Due: 3,078
  9. FYI sprint moto x has gsm capabilities but isn't till now no one is able to unlock it
  10. Help Needed: iCloud Activation Bypass in iPhone

    I would say thats a huge risk u could be stuck with a brick which no 1 would buy So i would say lets wait for the release and buy as soon as it gets confirmed that its working (could be a scam ) u would be buying a bit costly but wont be at the price of the non icloud locked device
  11. Help Needed: iCloud Activation Bypass in iPhone

  12. Help Needed: iCloud Activation Bypass in iPhone

    Hey guys check : http://ww.gadgetwide.com/ They claim to hAve made an software and will be releasing in a few days Even pod4g is a part of their team But they say they wont allow bypass icloud lock of devices which have lost mode on
  13. So cool just 570 rs custom duty on droid mini ...congrats for getting a new phone Lets see what ppobox do with my lg g2
  14. its an 220$ phone but ppobox will charge customs at 400$ btw is it safe to order used badesn phones from hopshopgo ?(doesn't the packet gets individually cleared and there is more risk of paying penalty's ?? )
  15. Hey guys , I won a used phone on ebay and wanted to ship to india So should i go purchase with ppobox as they are the only one that are shipping used phones (or i have an option) Ty so much Waiting for every 1 recent experince and suggestions