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  1. oh i m stuck suddenly our moto g phone is not having any network reliance saying either the no. is switch off or out of network is this happens when we accept that 1.5 mb update that was prompting, the phone was in jijaji's pocket maybe tis time it touched itself to update button anyone in similar trouble phone is wid my jijaji he dont know anything i did the unlocking of his phone he is in mumbai and i m in indore any quick tips
  2. thats right, i am gonna find out few too
  3. i have a query can anyone post list of inbuilt applications which should be disabled and which are absolutely of no use and whish are unsafe for example i think moto g boost app could har us or it should be of no use many applications has squeezed the ram coz they are running at start i guess
  4. sir its almost like i dont get it at all i had aready posted if anyone can help me by gtalk asked on DD . com too where i came from sorry if i m bothering u much on this, u did a life saving thing for many users but being n amateur i guess those steps are for little experts, pls dont mind just an opinion
  5. thanks man now only step 14 to step 19 is the trouble
  6. hey all its a great topic hitesh man u r gr8, can u guys help me with following points - step 10) for Boost ##diag# require SPC, which you will get it by SPC apk. when i do this ##diag# it has the option to *Edit* so what to write at edit ??? after this point i am not getting anything from step no.14 to step no.19 can anyone help step by step from step 14 to 19 on gtalk, i am stuck from last days