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  1. HOW 2 MOD AND SETUP SMC 3G WIFI ROUTER (RELIANCE VERSION) to use with PREPAID 3G DataCard? Plus: Working Reliance 3G Wifi Router Settings Timeline 6th July 2010 ====================== 01:00 pm) Bought 3G WIFI Router (Model:SMCWBR14-3GN) from Reliance Express at MRP Rs.3699/- in Mumbai. 01:10 pm) Recharged my PREPAID Reliance Broadband+ 3G (EVDO) Data Card with Rs.3000 for Prepaid plan 18gb/6months. Came back home. 04:05 pm) Connected USB 3G Data Card to SMC Router. Connected SMC Router to PC and switched on. PC Got Dynamic IP as Opened SMC Configuration System in browser with address (Logged in with default username as admin and password as smcadmin) Did following working changes in NETWORK SETTINGS >> WAN Section 1. Wan Connection: 3G 2. Backup Wan: None 3. Start Mode: Automatic 4. PPP Authentication: No Authentication 5. PIN Code Protect: Not enabled 6. Dial Code: #777 7. APN Service: internet 8. 3G Username: 9323XXXXXX << your datacard number 9. 3G Password: 9323XXXXXX << your datacard number 10.3G MTU: 1500 11.3G MRU: 1500 12.Connect Type: Auto Connect 13.CLICKED TO SAVE. Trust me you dont need to make any changes. Leave everything else default. It takes a minute or more to save for first time and Voila!!! Information section started showing 3G CONNECTED! MIN ERROR! Not able to browse any site -------------------------------------- I was so happy. Opened another Browser window and saw Google page working but very few seconds GOT ERROR IN BIG FONTS as MIN ERROR! Not authorised or some message like that. Now could not browse. Tried several times and got same error. 05:00 pm) Called helpdesk at *355 and explained error, they said some engineers available at other number will help me. Called for few minutes but could not get through these new numbers for 30 minutes. 05:30 pm) Finally got someone on this number and talked with him about settings and error. He made following statement which was like BOMB-EXPLOSION to me I AM ADVICED TO GET POSTPAID PLAN WITH MULTIUSER SETUP? OMG I'M SCREWED ---------------------------------- He said "The settings are ok but I need to get POSTPAID PLAN WITH MULTIUSER SETUP to use 3G Router with Reliance DataCard." THIS WAS LIKE A BIG BLOW ON MY NOSE. SCARED I LOST MY RS.3000/- as I know how good reliance is in refunding money. He further asked me to go to Reliance Express and request them to refund my Rs.3000/- paid for PREPAID 3G Recharge and convert DATACARD into POSTPAID and go for any plan with MULTIUSER request. I was nearly going faint. Said "Thanks" and hanged up phone. THOUGHT THIS WAS THE DEAD END. EXPERIMENTING ON MY BRAND NEW SMC ROUTER -------------------------------------- 06:15 pm) With this new discovery I was feeling like being Stupid but then I started looking for my own options. 06:45 pm) After playing around for some time in SMC Management Window, I noticed the SMC FIRMWARE Version as showing following line OLD FIRMWARE Version: reliance_smcmr3306a- The word RELIANCE in this firmware caught my attention and was sure RELIANCE have modified the factory FIRMWARE with some SMART BUSINESS ORIENTED tweaking. With other handy internet connection, I visited www.smc-asia.com and luckily found and downloaded new FIRMWARE for exact SMC model as given below... NEW FIRMWARE Version: smcmr3306a- FIRMWARE UPDATE --------------- 07:00PM) Without giving a second thought flashed new FIRMWARE on 3G WIFI SMC Router from following SMC Options MANAGEMENT >>> FIRMWARE >> Selected firmware file and uploaded in Router. Update took around 3 minutes and Router Rebooted. Did all same above settings once again and saved. Switched off Router and Switched on... SUCCESS! USING 3G ROUTER WITH PREPAID PLAN WITH NO MULTIUSER REQUEST ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now I can use 3G Router for Internet Wired and Wireless connection on all connected PCs and wifi devices like... my Motorola Milestone, O2 Atom Life, etc. etc. with no restrictions with same PREPAID PLAN. Internet everywhere on each router connected devices. This means reliance was actually cheating with customers (us) by forcing us to change our cheaper PREPAID plan data cards into costilier POSTPAID plans. PROBLEM SOLVED -------------------- Reliance tried to play smart with customers but with this simple trick I could SOLVE this reliance-made problem in just few hours. HOPE THIS HELPS WHOLE INDIA.......COZ REALLY I DID NOT GET THIS SOLUTION ANYWHERE WITH SMC ROUTER ALL SETTINGS AND FIRMWARE FLASHING INFORMATION IS CORRECT, BUT STILL YOU MUST DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK. And yes, one also must have some courage to flash brand new devices in first few hours. I did flashed O2 Atom Life around 70 times with custom ROMS with different features and WM6.5 OS. Also unsuccessfully tried to ROOT Motorola Milestone (giving superadmin root access) in first 3 hours of purchase, but thank god no damage done. Anyways GOODLUCK TO YOU ALL. PS: Writing this post with same 3G Router Connection of Relianc PREPAID 3G Internet. EDIT: (17-July-2010) As per Devesh's advice I did upgraded to Firmware Version: smcmr3306a- found on USA site of SMC with no issue. CLICK HERE FOR HIS VALUABLE POST WITH MY REPLY.
  2. Just one important point for other Wifi Routers:- If the setting with 'internet' does'nt work then, Set the APN to 'blank' (dont type anything) for other wireless router brands Repeat .. For Reliance EVDO Netconnect Data Cards 3G, the APN needs to be set to 'blank' (not 'rcomnet', not 'rcomwap' & not 'internet') The above is the net result after 2 days of sar-phodi (head banging) ..LOL hi n_iceman nice addition man. just let us make it more clear. What you have mentioned could be right in your city HYDERABAD, but as I already mentioned before that these are perfectly working settings for MUMBAI. Generally the internet servers are different in different cities or circles, therefore their settings may vary at some extent. Anyways keep posting. Mahendra
  3. hi not sure about MTNL/BSNL but hey....it works beautifully with my RELIANCE GSM simcard in MUMBAI on my Motorola Milestone with ANDROID. After sending sms as "3G" to 53333, I got "RELIANCE TV" application file (.APK android installer) automatically, which I installed and tested all TV Stations working great with no speed or voice issue. Voice sync was perfect. all fine. Goodluck all pals.
  4. An Abservation: When I connect USB Modem to pc and use it, my connection indicator on pc shows as "HYBRID" that means 3G (above 1mbps speed) is connected, but after some time, the connection goes bad or slower and it starts showing "Hi-speed 1X" (below 144kbps speed) so we are back on 1x speed. "But If I connect 3G USB modem to 3G USB Router, I always got good 3G speed and thats amazing!" Thougt just to add this observation. In simple words, "tested and genuine" hardware solutions are always better than software solutions. Here by software solution I mean the Proproietory Reliance Dialer software we need to install in our pc which does not perform perfect as hardware dialer in 3G router. Anyways.... everyone will get thier own results. Goodluck pals....
  5. New 3G Page in Reliance Communications Website!

    3G A BIG FLOP FLOP FLOP IN INDIA. Everyone....yes every single company who have declared 3G by DIWALI or 2010Q4 have now taken a U-turn on release date. Now TATADOCOMO also have removed its 3G plans (charges) page from Mumbai section. It appeared for few days and then WHOOSHHHH....GONE! Customer care people are saying that they are still doing 3G tests and trials will be given very soon. This is business....simply business. They dont want to get humiliated by declaring prices now. They fear that companies who will declares prices bit later can steal market with low prices. Everyone is doing wait and watch. Everyone is judging each other and waiting for prices to be declared by other company but no one is actually doing it. This is all Bull****. I think 3G is a big FLOP in India, while many south asian countries are already operating on 4G. FLOP FLOP FLOP
  6. hi yashrocks Assuming you got the same model 3g router I am using and I am also from mumbai like you. I confirm that there is no change done at reliance side. I am using internet via 3g router regularly with no issue. REMEMBER: THE INTERNET STARTS FLOWING ONLY AFTER AT LEAST 1/2 MINUTES. Keep router in good position near window so it gets full/good signal. Also check if you can surf when connected directly to pc or not. If yes, try going through the manual regarding three buttons on router I myself also got confused once. I think 3g light should be blinking when connected. Also check the status in router control panel at Hope you will also be able to use this router with some tweaking with buttons.
  7. Unlimited Net-connect On 1x For 600/-

    I am not using it now, its at least 3/4 months back I tested on borrowed Sim card for evaluation, but hey it was really good. I never thought to take screenshots when MTNL was tested. But as per my guessing the speed you get is anything between 300kbps to 1.5mbps and much stable than MTNL 2G (edge). The tarriff is somehow not suiting me, will wait for some more months till 3G is offered by all operators and costs come down. There is actually a NEXUS between all operators and they together have decided and not launching the 3G plans for our already 3G enabled phones. This is my 4th 3G handset since 2 years but still waiting for all operators to start it so prices come down. Damn you operators, stop minting money on sale of usb data cards. @Mufaddal it seems you hate mtnl 3g connection, but I think with any wireless service even from prime operator in India, you will always get variable speed. Speed of wireless internet will always depend on your home interior environment, tower-distance, surrounding building structures, signal reflections on walls and even outdoor weather conditions, etc. Issues abount Wireless services are always discussed and known to most people.
  8. Unlimited Net-connect On 1x For 600/-

    hi parin "let 3G come"? Dont you think Broadband+ usb data card come under 3G category? I am confused. Please let me know more what you mean? And yes in mumbai MTNL have already launched 3G around 6 months back with Trump GSM Cards, called "MTNL 3G JADOO (CLICK)". It can be used on as many as 3G handsets available in the market with no restrictions. Most of the foreign handsets with 3G capability can be used. (click) I tested it on my O2 Atom Life too, and the results are awesome in most areas of Mumbai. I even successfully tested the internet 3G connection on O2 phone with my PC/laptop with breeze, with built-in Internet sharing option in Windows Mobile. I understand MTNL does not operate in Kolkata, but you still have 3G with broadband+ reliance broadband+ data card.
  9. Unlimited Net-connect On 1x For 600/-

    FORGET CDMA-1X GO FOR 3G ------------------------------------------- I have CDMA 1x DataCard, but long time back I got it converted to prepaid and now its totally unused due to new 3G Broadband+ USB Card. The main reason is speed. The speed of CDMA-1X is as claimed 144 kbits/s which should give around 15 kbyte/s download speed, when signal is good. If signal is not good, its too slow upto 5/10 kbyte/s. You are a dead meat with such a outdated speed these days. The speed of 3GEVDO-HSD is claimed upto 3mbps which gives around 150 to 200 kbytes/s or more which is amazing. While comparing both, the speed of CDMA1x is pathetic. Though you get unlimited internet, you practically cannot download large files like 300mb to 700mb which I need to several times in a month for my work. NOW coming back to this offer. IMHO Rs.600 for unlimited cdma-1x is not a good plan where you may have to waster longer time to browse or download. I will suggest to go for Rs.3000/- PREPAID plan for 6 months 3G internet connection with 18gb data in 6 month (comes around Rs.500 per month). This plan is amazing coz you can download approximately 3gb per month which is at some extent more than enough for anyone. And yes its not 3gb per month, its 18 gb per 6 month, means you will have to use in whole 6 months. As a prepaid plan if you exhaust your quota you can renew immediately for next 6 months. BUT THE 3G SPEED WILL BE ALWAYS AMAZING COMPARED TO CDMA-1X. Why anyone would go for such a slow speed these days? Its always better to go for thier upgrade offer where you can convert your CDMA-1x plan with free download plans for few months and then get converted to PREPAID, like I did. EDIT: To update I am also using GSM EDGE (around 256KBPS) UNLIMITED internet speed with AIRTEL standard SimCard at Rs.98 per month and yes, it can be connected to PC/LAPTOP. Why still pay 600 for CDMA-1x? I use O2 Atom Life with internet sharing feature. Trust me its twice faster with Airtel Mumbai than cdma-1x.
  10. Thank a lot pals! I will be around whenever any new info is available in this regard.
  11. Dear Devesh THANKS A TON FOR YOUR POSITIVE RESPONSE WITH MORE SUGGESTIONS. I am proud of this forum to have people like you. In fact, earlier I did not find this model in current list of BROADBAND ROUTERS in USA website of www.smc.com where you found the latest firmware. After reading your post I just searched google with exact model number and then only found the Product page with links to latest firmware download page. Guess what, I gave it a try and simply wow! The new firmware working fine without any issue. Used for several hours and hours and internet connection is fine. Not dropping. No restrictions. Now my 3G router is with following latest version with many many bugs fixed. Version: smcmr3306a- Another Observation. Settings Intact after upgrade?: After updating the Firmware I did notice that the settings were not washed off. Generally it happens that due to hardware firmware upgrade the device goes to factory settings and you need to do re-setup of all values, example your 3g username password etc. But here I found that after update Router restarted and internet got connected without re-setting it. That was strange to me. Anyways all is well that ends well. SO DEAR DEVESH, I CONFIRM THAT NEW FIRMWARE IS PERFECTLY WORKING FINE ON SMC SMCWBR14-3GN. STILL REMEMBER, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. And dont be afraid, my both upgrades were done in single shot with full success. Actually needless to say, but still wanna say, this post itself is written with same 3g router internet connection. Tip: We should always be careful about exact model number of device before doing firmware upgrade.
  12. Aur Honest bhai, kya aapne notice kiya? This Katora will be too helpful to MNC professionals in bad times like recession. Lolz... Ok lets be serious... From the YouTube link given above, we can find many WIFI signal booter tricks made at home with simple household things. In this case it seems inside the border of the LCD screen there is some metal frame which is helping to gain the signal. It is also possible that the LCD is blocking the wastage of outgoing signal of 3G modem to useless side of room and all reflected signals are diverted towards the window of room (outside). But whatever the reasons, a new thing to know this time. I am sure from next time everyone will put 3G unit in KATORA with proper angle facing towards window to get boost.
  13. The same 3G Data Card sold by Reliance, Click on DEVICES on this reliance page But technically, all 3G cards even TATA PHOTON should also work with any 3G Routers in market with no issue. YES, Reliance is officially selling 3G WIFI Router with only one model from SMC "SMCWBR14-3GN". I got it from Reliance Express in Mumbai but many outlets do not have stock. They will make it availbale if you order for one. Yes nothing on rcom site, in fact I saw the Router BOX on sale in May 2010 in Reliance Express in Mumbai, when I went to recharge my 3G card. But I will suggest, not to buy it from them for many reasons. SMCWBR14-3GN (See image from first post) PROS: 1) TWO WAN ports (usb and rj45) and FOUR LAN ports (rj45). Both WAN can be connected and working at the same time. Even WIFI can be used as WAN, just imagine, internet input through WIFI from another WIFI router. Isn't that cool. (not tested though its a feature and should work) will post result later after testing some other time. 2) Even you dont have USB 3G Modem, use it like standard router for your regular cable modem 2) Main unit and adaptor are both Lightweight. 3) Easy configuration through browser interface 4) Can be used as standalone switch or internet access point/gateway 5) DUAL WAN PORT, if first wan fails, the second (backup) wan automatically starts working, if connected and configured. 6) The internet sharing convinience is great with this 3G Router and there is no need to tell how beautiful the 3G service is in the heart of Mumbai city. 7) Another great convinience of USB DATA Card with 3G Router is you can take it from Home to Office and Office to Home. At least I do the same as my office is in next building to my home. 8) Generally you need to keep your laptop near window to get good 3G reception, else you get frequent disconnection, but here you can keep 3G router near window for good 3G reception and use your other WiFi devices almost anywhere in your home or office with Strongest WiFi signal. CONS: 1) The modem is too bigger in size like TV SET-TOP-BOX. 2) And you already know how Reliance tried to mod it for making it restricted to POSTPAID 3G card user. 3) Router is not GIGABIT speed. Its 10/100mbps 10/300mbps. 4) Delicate and very thin plastic body, you can feel it. I am sure, if dropped in perfect angle by mistake, it will break into hundred pieces. 5) USB port can be used only for 3G Data card, I mean in other versions you can use it for PRINT SERVER. You may do some study on other models in Ebay for other better and more features. NOTE: Just quietly buy any good 3G Router available outside in the market, Edimax, Trendnet, etc. Just search in EBAY as "3G ROUTER" and you will find many items to buy from. No need to tell Reliance about it and also no need to change any plan. It will work both on POSTPAID and PREPAID 3G cards. Thanks a lot Honest bhai, Glad to see you again.
  14. Evdo On Htc Handset

    Its so simple Reliance and TATA want to become Bill Gates by USB Modem Monopoly. Almost all touchscreen phones today have 3G network built-in but why some company wants to sell 3G connection only with its own proprietory USB Device? MONEY. All these greedy companies are first trying their hands on selling devices at higher price, Rs.3500/-. I am sure they are getting at an average of around Rs.200/- all made from taiwanese and chinese sector. What do you think TATA PHOTON and RELIANCE BB+ are competitors? NO WAY! Just check again, both are running hand in hand with secret co-ordination to sell USB devices only. The exact copies of their data plans surely proves it. Just few days back MTNL (Mumbai and Delhi) have just launched GSM 3G JAADOO connection with NEW SIM or EVEN OLD SIMcard, which can be used in almost any 3G enabled (HSDPA/WCDMA GSM) mobile phone, BROWSE on phone or use as MODEM. http://mumbai.mtnl.net.in/3gweb/index_3Gmobile.html Click for the LIST OF COMPATIBLE HANDSETS ON MTNL SITE http://mumbai.mtnl.net.in/3gweb/3g_handset.html HOW NICELY THEY ON FAQ PAGE. WE DONT SELL BUNDLED HANDSETS. Use your own Just wait for few more days, once MTNL 3G, with SIM only, gets popular, these greedy companies will also start the same for sure. Till then spread your word around and dont make your family or friends fall "prey" to these companies. I did not knew about MTNL launch else I would not have bought Reliance BB+. Anyways take care....and keep watching and comparing data plans of all companies and inform each other. Thanks..for reading
  15. Broadband+ : What Does Credit Limit Mean?

    Broadband+ : What Does Credit Limit Mean? The answer is very very simple, FRAUD! Yes I repeat credit limit means FRAUD! They will first give you a good credit limit and will show the false broadband usage as shown to you which was 9.6 GB but actually it is recorded more than the 10 gb limit say around 12 gb or more. Then suddenly your IC gets disconnected, and when you ask them why it is disconnecte they wll inform you that you used 2.5 GB more and pay Rs.5000/- extra (yes with service tax its Rs.5500/-) You are left no choice but either pay it or disconnect it, they have already made money by selling DATACARD at four times more cost than its actual cost. ANY DATA LIMITED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH POSTPAID PLAN IS NOTHING BUT A FRAUD. Better change it to smaller PREPAID plans and control the cost. PREPAID PLANS are bit costly but at least no chance of CHEATING. Connection stops when limit is over, thats safer than getting unexpected huge bills. I like many of reliance services and its speed and service, but I hate it for billing hassles. IN MY OPINION, THESE DAYS NO COMPANY CAN SURVIVE IN MARKET WITHOUT CHEATING, COZ PEOPLE AT HIGHER POSTS DO NOTHING IN THIER CABIN BUT DRAW SALARY IN SEVERAL LAKHS IN MONTH. THEY DO VERY LITTLE WORK FOR THE SALARY THEY ARE PAID. JUST CHECK YOUR BOSS FIRST. I AM STILL WAITING FOR TRUE UNLIMITED PLAN WHICH COULD BE SLOWER SAY 750kbps. Right now 3.6mbps limited postpaid plan bill is like unexpected heart attack which can attack anytime
  16. Netconnect Broadband roaming is working for you?

    If you have CITYWISE plan, it must be working only in city. Why they will provide NATIONWIDE service for no reason. Big companies like Reliance are always particular about the service coverage and its costing. BTW Have you people seen the photo of superman? I have sent him for testing HSD with NATIONWIDE Plan for testing speed and coverage. He will only test it in evening as he is scared his laptop will get damaged with heat and UV rays of sunlight. thanks for that "someone" who provided his HSD to superman, as reliance refused registering HSD in his name, for no proper address proof. Thanks. Just kidding....
  17. Netconnect Broadband roaming is working for you?

    Yes ACS, Amiit said "HSD card is working in all roaming locations i.e. 35 HSD Cities and Other 1x Cities." Wow thats so fast Amit You Superman or something? kidding dude! Thanks for your feedback. I think someone should keep the list of all 35 cities and feedback from each area should be noted down and also the extra settings required in EVDO zone and CDMA1x zone. Is there anyone who can keep this track. I suggest a new THREAD with title "HSD details for EVDO zones and CDMA1X zones" What say ACS? I am still using CDMA1x card hence I wont be able to contribute at present. Someone should take initiative on this THREAD. will be super-informative.
  18. Is Netconnect Broadband+ Pre-paid Coming Soon?

    Sorry and thanks for clearing doubt. I know HSDPA (high speed downllink packet access) which can be available most latest 3g ready mobile phones. But honestly, I did not know HSD means Broadband+EVDO Data Card. I thought the discussion is about the netconnect on regular CDMA phones. Anyways thanks again...
  19. I wondor if anyone using Windows x64 in india other than ak9888? Very hard to find and that is with this data card good luck ak9888
  20. Broadband+ And Windows Mobile 6

    Thats what I am saying. CDMA is surely EVDO ready. Firstly Reliance wants to mint some money from SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) or medium level companies who want Fast internet on thier Laptop for business purpose and offering only USB Data Cards. After some time they will have to give it to retail consumers or home users. Right now only Reliance and Tata are offering 3G and they are going HAND-IN-HAND with plans and not interested in competition. You see thier plans are copied from each other and they leave same choice with same plans and same speed even same devices. Once GSM sector declares the 3G internet plans which is expected in next few months, they will suddenly introduce 3G plans for 3G ready CDMA mobile phones, with more cheaper plans. This has also happened in past for many such new services. Competition always benefitted to consumers. Let us see GSM sector competes with Reliance and TATA or they also join hands with them offering same plans or not.... that will be interesting to see.... lets hope for the best.....UMMEED PE DUNIYA KAAYAM HAI...dosto
  21. Broadband+ And Windows Mobile 6

    You should check the Advertisement First Hrithik is advertising GSM 3G Ready Network Not upcoming 3G CDMA Network In Mobile Phones in RCom, 3G will be available in GSM only not CDMA. in advertisement they have shown T20 streaming live video in R-world that surely means a lot. if you visit this page this feature is available in both cdma and gsm http://www.rworld.co.in/RMWorld/cricketnmo..._streaming.html if 3g features are already coming to consumers step by step, why you are so under-estimating them?... i repeat be positive dude. this may not be related but just for reference putting this link for all >>>
  22. Broadband+ And Windows Mobile 6

    Few Years not Few days..... surely reliance wants the sme sector to target for this netconnect broadband+ (aks 3G) with usb device option and after the hype is over, this feature is surely will be available on 3G ready cdma mobile phones. people already are having cdma phones. i myself have Samsung GSM / CDMA W299 dual sim phone and i am waiting for 3g plans which they will release very soon and i am thinking positive about it. there is no reason why they wont release it sooner and surely not 'YEARS' as you mentioned. I mean technically there is no barrier/reason why they wont introduce it. Anwyays lets hope for the best dude. Why you are so dejected by reliance? Have you seen Hrithiks advertisement saying RELIANCE INDIAS 3G READY MOBILE? That ad surely is not for USB device. better you checkout that ad first before you put your further opinion....
  23. www.ricmail.com Expired ?!?!

    i am a small internet webhosting and webdesigning provider from mumbai, my main website is registered for next 10 years and till then it never will expire as every year i renew for one more year for no reason just to keep it registered for maximum years, that is 10 years. if www.ricmail.com did expired due to stupid non-interaction between departments of reliance then i will call it sheer stupid non-professional approach. at the same time i think this is the mistake of one or two people in reliance who are responsible. otherwise i like many of the services of reliance including regular cdma phone service, superfast broadnet, wired internet and netconnect, wireless internet. anyhow reliance rocks ......
  24. Is Netconnect Broadband+ Pre-paid Coming Soon?

    ALREADY LAUNCHED PREPAID HSD MRP 4000 WITH LIFETIME VALIDITY AND 1GB BUNDLED USAGE FOR 1ST MONTH AFTER THAT DIFFERENT VOUCHERS ALSO INTRODUCED. wait wait..... that balance check page is for all usb data-cards which have unique reliance number and user have to check thier usage on this page. this does not yet mean that 3g plans are available on regular mobile numbers. prepaid data plans are already available since long time on cdma1x usb cards. so here they mean prepaid balance of cdma1x data cards. in fact just two weeks before i terminated my postpaid plan of cdma1x card and converted it to prepaid so i will pay only when i want to use it. can you show us some link or webpage where it says that reliance 3g is available for all and also can you tell us where did you find that offer? i know 3g will be available to all very soon on reliance regulars phones but i think its not yet declared by them. i think above is just one of the usual hoax.......
  25. Broadband+ And Windows Mobile 6

    instead of putting your expensive pda's on stake and doing doubtful experiments, which may burn the pda from inside, why dont you people wait a little more for reliance and other operators to introduce 3g directly on 3g enabled mobiles with same existing uim cards or simcards of gsm? one advertisement of 3g ready internet is already out by reliance so very soon they will launch the same on cdma mobiles too. the advertisement of hrithik roshan showing cricket on live television feed to a small kid, says 'india's 3g ready network' so people trust me almost all operators will now provide 3g internet and mobile services very soon on our existing numbers...... take chill pill and wait few days more and be ready for surprise....