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  1. Hi guys, I am from UK. Number portability is available here. Here it also takes 4 to 7 day to change operator. It is a bit long process. You need to take PAC ( port authorisation code) from the operator you are leaving. Then you provide that code to your new operator. PAC is generated instantly. Service is not interrupted. Phone goes off only for 10 to 15 mins and the number is ported. But in the mean time u have to use your new number.
  2. also available in Punjab. RS 60 recharge for old customers and Rs 21 for new customer. Lifetime validity, tariff validity one year.
  3. Online Recharge?

    i have also received the email Hello All, Due to some issues in the GSM eRecharge, you were not able to eRecharge successfully. But this is to inform you all that now this issue has been resolved and you can successfully availed the service. Best Regards, My Services but I have not tried yet
  4. Free Missed Call Alert On Reliance Cdma

    it is for punjab. check the status of divert on your reliance gsm number you will get the number. MCA is activated on RGSM by default.
  5. I am from punjab circle. I have tried this trick on my reliance CDMA. I also have Reliance GSM connection. On relinace GSM missed call alert service is activated free of cost. For getting alerts calls are diverted to 9023000700 ( default by reliance). I have tried this number on cdma. Diverted my calls on CDMA to this number and I am receiving missed call alerts. Anybody can try this.
  6. New Tariff Cutter Introduced For Gsm Subscribers

    it is there. its no joke. customer care joker confirmed it.
  7. Now Reliance GSM Got New Unique Series Of 095

    95 series is not allotted only to reliance but to many operators
  8. Invites Thread

    demonoid invitation sent to your email address, bwtorrent follows
  9. Invites Thread

    login bwtorrent site on the main said you will get a banner click on it and it will direct you to iptorrent site
  10. Invites Thread

    iptorrents registration is open for bwtorrent members so hurry
  11. Invites Thread

    inform your email id I have one
  12. Invites Thread

    registration for exdesi is open. anybody wants bwtorrents invite please inform i have some
  13. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News/N...how/3938248.cms services launched in punjab
  14. saurav, are sims available in chandigarh? Here in amritsar WW people told me that it will take one more month to launh in punjab
  15. Reliance Coverage

    I am facing the same problem for last one month, I have complained them number of time but only receiving same message at last "problem resolved" reliance will not improve. I had threaten them to terminate my connection but no use.