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  1. Blackberry 9930 BIS Activation Tata Indicom

    SMS is still not a complete solution. At times I can send to some service provider users but not all. 1X is shown on my phone but still no data is active. On the other hand under mobile networks it is still showing Verizon wireless not Tata. Should I hard reset and follow a proper method to get this done methodically, in order to activate all features properly?? Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I have recently got an imported 9930 Verizon (GSM Uncloked) handset. Got hold of a techie to load PRL (I guess using CDMA workshop) and registered ESN with tata, unfortunately he didn't do a good job. I couldn't activate using *228 (OTA), it throwing some error. But some how VOICE calls are working and SMS (receiving SMS but not able to send SMS). Initially they (TATA team, & Techie) both promised that BIS will be activated but now they are giving some lame reasons to activate. On other TATA Blackberry helpdesk is trying to register my MEID from past three weeks and failed to activate it. Yet they are giving some excuses that their IT team is working on the problem. How to fix BIS activation?? Should I hard reset my device to register this MEID with Reliance (because initially before PRL load *228 was able reach Reliance) - After PRL loading I can't hear Reliance / either Tata - It's just saying Welcome thank you for using our services Is there a fix for OTA to reach Tata? Or Can I switch other Service provider (GSM) and use Engg screen options to activate BIS - Is it really possible?? What is A-Key on CDMA Screen? How to get it? Would it help in any way to fix this issue?? ##000000 - Is showing some verizon related info. Can I get similar info for TATA . Would it help?? MSL (from service provider)—??? MDN (from service provider)—?? IMSI_S (from service provider) - ?? SIP-ID (from service provider)—?? SIP-Password (from service provider)—?? MIP-ID (from service provider)—?? MIP-Password (from service provider)—?? SID (from modem card)—?? NID (from modem card)—?? DMU MN Auth- ?? Primary HA Address?? Secondary HA Address?? Thanks in advance for your help....!