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  1. @abhi.r Even if you connect to Reliance 2G, you won't get better speeds.
  2. Can't connect in Mumbai to 4G. 2G/3G working as expected.
  3. iPhone doesn't show networks separately.
  4. You can port after swtiching to GSM also. Send appellate a mail saying that they shouldn't try to deny your request if you're worried.
  5. http://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B00K14AWTE/ Buy from seller StaplesIndia.
  6. Very true. Tata 2G is pretty good in Mumbai, 3G with CDMA like coverage will be a welcome addition.
  7. 850 MHz (Band 5) is the correct one.
  8. @aalok Unfortunately all CDMA BTS have been shut in your area, as per feedback I've received. At some places in Lucknow CDMA signal can still be found. But, by and large, the network in UPE is in the process of being closed down.
  9. @aalok Which area in Lucknow? I'll get it checked for you.
  10. Vodafone roaming is only for subs from WB and NE.
  11. XT 1526 (Boost) doesn't support Indian 3G bands, I'm pretty sure.
  12. No, 3G ICR doesn't work in TATA states if Rcom sim is from same state even in RGSM. For ex: MH RGSM sim can't latch onto Tata 3G anywhere in India. However 3G ICR works in Aircel states perfectly. Also, 3G roaming works fine everywhere. My Mumbai RGSM number can connect to both Aircel and Tata 3G (and 2G too in some states) with data anywhere in India. XT 1526 doesn't support Indian 3G bands. Only 2G and 4G (on Band 5)
  13. The end of affordable data
  14. Data switching between H and H+ is a feature called fast dormancy, designed to save battery.