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  1. did the same flashing via tot meid / imei changed after that so we need to restore imei after that will let you know once found the solution if you know anything which will help please share
  2. @gpkumaran pradeep is right i helped him out and initially i asked him money because many people are importing and asking step by step information. knowing that he has unlocked phones earlier and not a newbie i just forwarded him the files. every thing is there in forum we just need to pay attention. and my intention is not to lose customers that is the reason i ask to pm. if every newbie unlocks then who is going to pay us.
  3. flash stock rom that is due to htc ondam rename and htcsetupwizard.apk in system app.which is not allowing to go further for handsfree. for those who are not able to enter spc please see you dont have simcard in due to any other reason please revert to stock rom and follow step by step instruction. also do backup of stock rom in twrp when you install twrp do not hard reset or factory reset or you would be stuck.
  4. but there is problem with play store we need to uninstall updates every time we open play store [df-dferh-01] just little rnd and found that this is related to usa phones used outside usa gives these problem.(main reason) i feel it can be fixed by a script writer or any dev who knows what to flash and what to flash will even try flashing gapps zip also devs trying it to work with gsm hope one day we get it. thanks to all developers and their hard work on xda,
  5. sim unlock works just give permissions as read write execute all the squares to the new HTCOMADM_SPCS.apk and reboot every thing works.
  6. lg tribute no root available. no devlopment i am looking forward for htc desire 510 listed in xda forums root available new roms coming up will let all know after i get the device and get every thing working.
  7. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6QL10O0kWNQNzdEQ0pmRmZWQkk&usp=sharing ppp pass=S19121NB15CB112D (not visble in data snap shot) and delete every thing in 2nd right tick option in mobile ip data working in zv4 but still i am not able to unlock wifi hotspot menu. i dont know what goes wrong plz if some one can help while activating in first boot or after factory reset handsfree activation menu pops up and say's network error and then it goes activation error but when i see in settings>about>status prl and moblie no and all other things get updated. is that a problem plz plz some one help if any one knows.
  8. when i try to write anything in the ppp id and pass. it disappears when i read again. i had faced same issue while trying to feed this to Lg Exceed 2. Right now my lg tribute is working on omh with voice and sms but no data. i removed handsfree activation and wifi tethering is visible. any tips update: with sim inserted - put the phone in nv mode but didnt reset then under data ppp id and pass as net though after write if you read again then only id will show (thats okay) then in mobile ip i selected simple ip with entry "net" in all 4 boxes Nai, AAA shared secret, HA shared secret and RM Nai though somehow after all this Handsfree activation is back , even though ##3282# device self service , everything is null dont worry about password not visible. thats ok 1st. from ten days i am trying to get data work but it was not working i got it worked from your post only. so credit goes to you and other people. i am posting screen shorts of what my dfs dialog says
  9. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    new news on reliance it happens only with reliance. can u have 2 cards for one number i have it 1 omh is working with data 2 omh is working with call can u believe it and these web world people and call center people think i am drunk. god please help reliance and its users.
  10. there are 2 meid on the box try with both longer one work i had same problem but after entering longer one it worked
  11. guys pls help i am not able to get wifi hotspot in setting>more only showing network. phone is activated it is showing number given by sprint in setting > about phone> status waited for 1 hr but no downloads. not even a app or sprint bootup. plz help
  12. no luck tried that also not getting what is wrong is able to make first call only. any has working cdma in ls995 my card is omh but dont know what is wrong! oh devs plz help.
  13. unlocked every thing is working but can call only once there after flashed again and unlocked again but same thing is happnig dev plz help.
  14. hi i am new to cdma but still tried everything which was possible. unlocked it it is unlocked i can use gsm vodafone every thing is fine. but no luck in cdma reliance. i have new regular card cut to micro sim. the handset is lg g flex (ls995) tried with dfs it is reading to ruim mode only still no luck it does not show any range. but if i tick in international cdma roaming it gets network and i am able to do first call that is only *228 can any one help ? the card is ok i feel because it is working in micromax. now i cannot resolve what is the problem is it sim card that is not suppportin or its programing? can any one please help? any one has working reliance on lg ls995?