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  1. They are in talk with Tata for icr cdma . They can't afford to loose a huge revenue from fwp and data cards . They will try their best to save this base somehow
  2. official communication is not telling any dates in these 5 circles . A senior telecom person told me their is a regulatory requirement to give notice of 3 months before u can shut . and as of now they have not given any notice in these 5 circles .
  3. usually this problem comes in prepaid . if u take in postpaid its hassle free .
  4. west bengal is poor in terms of revenue for cdma for Reliance.
  5. u.p delhi maharashtra big markets . Revenue is a big question .
  6. no only in four circles. haryana , h.p. , punjab and west bengal . no other circle
  7. ask *333 198 *222 they will give exact info regulatory requirement too they have to see .
  8. arindam wait for sla of complaint given today . you will have clarity then
  9. arindam pm me the details and issue . will try to sort out
  10. there have been asking me for new fwp like the old times i used to provide here . instead of replying to al old pm . i wish to inform here . i have started a new thread for selling currently available fwp , FWP Global here
  11. here is pic of orange color . now all three colors white , black , orange has come for sale . in times of meid registration stopped htc coming with such sets would be good for all
  12. Anybody bought so can post how's set performance
  13. Flipkart Goes Offline For Kerala Customers - Channel Times - [5:09pm, 21/05/2014] Gurpreet Singh Jagdev: Big news... Kerala IT association step to save themselves from online onslaught. kerala Govt. Supported by banning Flipkart as first step. Please click on link to get more info about flip cart off line for Kerala , great effort by Kerala IT association to protect local business...
  14. Both grey and white are available in first shipment
  15. No confusion cdma Evdo works. It must be easily available at local dealers or online. Go and check.