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  1. Guru Sir, I think none of the people highlighted RED in the sheet received the invite. Please check with your team. Thank you
  2. oh ok. I requested on last Friday and still waiting.. Guru Sir, thanks for your support.. Can you please check if there is any issue in my request? Thanks
  3. Did Anybody got invite in the last week? Eager to try.. Wait for JIO is really very long....
  4. Thank you Guru. Waiting for the invite
  5. Which Air Conditioner To Buy?

    Inverter AC's are far better. I have an LG inverter 1 ton AC which runs on Honda 1.4KVA generator smoothly. the same capacity non iverter model will require a 5 KVA generator. It consumes less power.....
  6. Using Rcdma Number In Fwp Classic 2258

    Hitesh, I sent you a PM for help. please reply me. thanks ..
  7. Reliance Nokia 2280

    I too have the same problem.please help me out