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  1. is this in Indian context? will latest RCDMA SIM works in GSM phones straight away? i dont think so Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM) is a card developed for cdmaOne/CDMA2000 ("CDMA") handsets that extends the GSM SIMcard to CDMA phones and networks. To work in CDMA networks, the R-UIM contains an early version of the CSIM application. The card also contains SIM (GSM) application, so it can work on both networks. It is physically compatible with GSM SIMs and can fit into existing GSM phones as it is an extension of the GSM 11.11 standard QUOTED THIS FROM WIKI.. DONT KNOW IF IT APPLIES IN INDIA ALSO, BUT THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY RUIM IS ..
  2. Yes its working now, there was some scene with the lg driver, it took some time for the phone to become online on dfs port finder. i was able to get it done. Thank you guys... P.S the screen flickers ''once'' when i come out of the lock screen and when some apps come on is that normal ? Also i was wondering if new Gsm sims can be used on CDMA phone as it is possible to use the new cdma sims on Gsm handsets (the new ruims have both the gsm and cdma programs on them)? anyone got idea?
  3. i need some help with changing the mode from nv to ruim, DFS is not reading my device. the phone is charging and is visible on windows but not on the dfs software. its an lg ls660