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  1. while selecting 149/- how can I get 11 unused data voucher simultaneously? Please clarify.
  2. Can buy and sell section be continued for preused handset and router/dongle?
  3. Also porting custom roms to smartphones may also be discussed.
  4. The other sim jas also been credited with 10 GB! But jio speed is becoming low day by day.
  5. I got 10 gb in all but one sim. The sim in which I didn't get , has always been recharged with packs.Now running with 198/- pack. Another one, in which I got 10 gb, has not been recharged for about 4 months. Another one, in which I got 10 gb, was recharged in last 2 occasions with Rs.49. So criteria can not be decided from my end.
  6. I was given 5GB last month but it was not usable in dongle. It was usable in my RN3 and expired remaining balance on 24th Feb.
  7. Where indoor signal is nil no handset will work. Mr. 'Samir 7186' has posted in this forum regarding LTE-A handsets available in India -- 1. Lyf f1s 2. Lyf f1 3. Samsung A9 pro 4. Samsung c9 pro. None of these are below 10K.
  8. Please check whether your handset supports LTE-A and inform us.
  9. I request all to list tested LTE - A supported handsets in India as JIO is running LTE-A. Mr. Kanaga Deepan has been trying but others should come forward also. Every user will be benefitted when purchase a new handset.
  10. Need unlocked LTE USB Dongle that works on all 3 bands

    Buy in case of Jio I experienced B5 , though lower frequency , has not been giving better result. My Huawei 8372 is performing better than my jiofi 2 i.e in a trade-off between penetration and speed , speed wins in my 8372 than in jiofi 2. Penetration in 8372 is not a problem.
  11. Need unlocked LTE USB Dongle that works on all 3 bands

    I use a 2 band dongle - Huawei 8372. B5 is absent. Advantage : if you have signal B3 and B40 gives better speed . But my jiofi 2 always try to go into B5.
  12. Is it true that 797/- can be used in omh sim inserted in unlocked cdma dongle? Anyone used already?