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  1. Hi If any one knows that OLED JioFi router(JMR520) firmware new update , Because i was facing the voice issue with the jio 4g voice app for last 15 days. If any one knows please update me
  2. @dr.faramroze Sir, i have tried with your steps for the moto E3 power. but till now issue facing with the " Emergency Calls Only Issue" in my mobile. Can you please suggest me alternate way for fixing the issue. every time i am doing the airplane mode for recover the signal. So please help me sir.
  3. @Deepak Shankar in wifi router i have updated the latest firmware and the calls were working fine with the jiofi router. thanks deepak
  4. thanks deepak, i will check there and will check
  5. ok deepak , t nagar also one service center is ther r8. We need to go to alwarpet ah?
  6. @Deepak Shankar whether you went the lyf service center ah?. they only did some changes ah?
  7. hi @Deepak Shankar i have checked with my OLED jiofi router for calling feature. but it was not working for me. whether u did any firmware update for the device. Please confirm me.
  8. thanks deepak . i will check with my jiofi 2
  9. Any body kwos that call issue was fixed for this OLED Jiofi router
  10. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    i was already went to the lyf service center . they have told that we were update the firmeware and given to me. But the voice issue was still persist in new OLED JioFi router(JMR520) . when update will come we doesn't know.
  11. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    i also did all possibilities. but i was unable to make the jio4g voice app to be online.
  12. JioFi2 MiFi

    i checked the service center in the tnagar also they are not telling correctly. They upgraded the software thats it and issue was not resolved.
  13. JioFi2 MiFi

    @KanagaDeepan yes i have checked it was working fine with the volte enabled phone.
  14. JioFi2 MiFi

    @KanagaDeepan yes bro, i have checked multiple phones with the jio 4g voice app. but i was unable to connect the voice calls. app was showing that unable to connect. please check your internet. but data was working perfectly with the jiofi device
  15. JioFi2 MiFi

    same thing they told me for past 3 days. worst service. we need to carry to technical team . they are T nagar i think.
  16. JioFi2 MiFi

    @Deepak Shankar voice was working properly when it was in JPO . when it converted to JWO offer itself i am facing the issue. I have installed the jio 4g voice app in multiple mobiles and it was not working properly. Did u get any solution from the customer care perople?
  17. JioFi2 MiFi

    I am from chennai. yesterday onwards i was unable to make the calls through the jio 4g voice app with the use of the jiofi modem and it was showing off line in the mobile app but data was working fine with the jiofi device. Can any one tell me to resolve the problem. i was contacted the customer care and they told me resolve the issue soon. Can any one help me to resolve the issue.
  18. JioFi2 MiFi

    Yes that one having 2600 mAh when compared to old one (2300 mAh).and also bigger than last they given
  19. JioFi2 MiFi

    can any body tell me that i was unable to get the email for the myjio activation link. how much time will it take for recceving activation email.
  20. JioFi2 MiFi

    I am from chennai. Can any body tell me where jiofi modem was available in chennai. Where i enquire, they are telling that it will available next week like that . Please tell me, if your area store having jiofi device.
  21. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    lava x11- Rs 6749 in Flipkart era x-Rs 5,499.00 snapdeal Volte with 2gb ram with 3 bands
  22. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Hi i am from chennai. can any body tell me the call booster for migrated cdma to 4g sim. i have crosed the promo min for the off net calls.
  23. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Just now checked with the reliance store in chennai. They told that the 14th july was the last date for the cdma. after that we can use the LTE sim.
  24. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Morning onwards i am not getting the regular cdma signals. Am getting less signals and some time it will be no signals like that. whether they are planning to shut down in chennai today.ANy chennai friends able to get the signals properly?