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  1. Moto e dosent require in programming for CDMA RUIM to work. Just insert a RUIM SIM and you will get the signal within few minutes. But the Service Provider name is shown as Chamelon(Sounds Funny)
  2. Could some one please help me in setting up MTS DATA access for LG Tribute. I am able to send SMS and call, but could not able to get data access. I tried configuring data tabs via DFS with passing the MTS APN parameters, but it didn't work for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Some one please help me in Configuring LG Tribute with MTS data details, could any one giude me what details to be filled in the attached image.
  3. I got a Moto E Boost Model from US. I would like to know whether we can insert directly OMH sim card and use(which i read some where in the forum) or should i use any programming to make the phone work for CDMA (MTS) OMH sim. Please provide your advice in this matter. Before inserting the sim should i do any procedure to Skip the activation process
  4. Will LG Tribute -Virgin version also work here with Reliance. Can we get SPC for the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Can someone advice me, from where i can purchase the SPC/MSL code for LG Tribute @ a reasonable price
  6. I am new to rimweb and i would like to know few insights about a Moto E Boost 2nd Gen from US and my friend is bringing it to India by next week, i would like to know whether the mobile will working with MTS OMH Sim as well as GSM sims. Please do advice me. Thanks in advance.