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  1. Data not working on Samsung S4 I-9500

    Guys I have bought a new samsung S4 I-9500 global phone, my old phone was Samsung S3 SCH-R530 US cellular. The calls, messages and data are working fine in GSM mode. My Reliance REC series sim card did not work with it and showed invalid sim and as the seller told i will need RG series sim card i got it after lot of searching from one reliance mobile store as it was very difficult to find this series sim card, so the calls and messages worked fine after that but the data is not working. The data is not working in any other cdma phones as well whereas data was working on previous sim. So as i thought it would be a problem with the new sim so I changed the RG sim to another RG sim but the same problem. So can anybody help me out to solve this problem asap. Thanks in advance Chintan