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  1. Do you have any solution for VZ lg g3 and g2, I have both phones working with GSM call and data but with Reliance cdma sim only voice no data, The both cdma reliance OMH gives data on Sprint LG tribute and tribute 2. kindly help to with APN setting for reliance... Thanks
  2. YES I did it, But I stay in Area where only 155 KBPS available, I need to check other places too.. I can send both b( Reliance and Tata Docomo ) set up image if require. I have tried both on my phone and it working without any issues. I have screen capture image with DFS ( TATA DOCOMO and RELIANCE ) on evdo series A / B respectively.
  3. I have zv5 rom on sprint LG tribute LS660P, data works well, make sure with above guide you have selected your mode setting on " NAM" "preferred setting" set to " Automatic ". I am using it with TATA Docomo CDMA. My rom is "e2nas_stock_ZV5_deideed.zip"
  4. Hello Everyone, I had activated my sprint lg tribute LS660P on Tata docomo CDMA network with above instruction. Now everybody trying for data I successfully ported my phone on Tata docomo cdma with evdo speed. As per above post it says QSPT tool to disable but I have done it through DFS tool.