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  1. How To Upgrade Bios?

    Well I had done several times successfully. 1.U just need to follow the steps carefully. Always make a backup of old one. 2.Don't ever try to flash with a file meant for a diffrent motherboard model. 3.Have enough patience - Don't power-off/reset in the middle of the process. 4.Make sure Ur UPS is working well. A power failure with a bad UPS during the write process can mean Ur computer never starting up agian. Expert only!! : Even if u screw up ur bios - if U can dare remove it from the slot and reflash by puttting it on to another computer U can still salvage the mother board.
  2. Free Smss In Rconnect Freedom Plan

    Hmm... Do they carry forward unused sms for a few ?3 months??
  3. Mantraway.com issue - off topic

    I have sent more single digit number(~15) of sms to bsnl prepaid karnataka. None recieved.
  4. Surging Network Problems

    Had happened to me too in Bangalore. Sometimes this event leaves the handset in a indeterminate state needing a restart to recieve/make any further calls/sms.
  5. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    Forget about sms thru PC (this has not ben possible on almost any reliance handset). We have not been able to get proper access to the file system itself. It seems that the VFS interface has been blocked at the driver level(Virtual USB Driver - most likely) or the set itself.
  6. desktop is OK - may be that key combination is already assigned(by U/windows) for something else.. Also use triple key combinations(e.g: Ctrl +Alt +G) etc.
  7. Mantraway.com issue - off topic

    BSNL karnataka 4 msgs sent; >10 min elapsed since first. Not even one delivered. Edit: Even after a day the msgs were not recieved.
  8. Ringtone Through Sms?

    They did send SMS ringtones (mono) for LG 2230 for a time from the 8888 services. U could even forward it. Then they discontinued it..
  9. Mms Portal

    May be they are in testing phase still..
  10. Beep!beep!beep!

    For this problem U can try two things: 1. Try to place the phone to get a better signal(no large metal objects nearby.; Place it near a window/away from wall etc) 2. Goto Device manager and diable->enable Ur USB->Serial port and the virtual modem. A custom application can be written too to do this avoiding painful reboots.
  11. .Yeah Static, anyway Amit has got to get a custom program developed with required the options etc. So the DTMF freq analyse feature can be added to that custom app itself. Only downside is it may occasionally(should be rare) fault if there is too much background noise/user shouts simultaneous with keypress etc as we are analyzing the analog sound freq. This can be reasonably overcome by acknowledging the user about the option/item he/she selected before proceeding.
  12. R World Charged From 1st April

    I think it was a bug(Even the R-World tariff app was marked Pay on Use ). Check again - they seem to have fixed it. Any way my guess is there are gonna be billing issues with R-World for some time due to the complexities invloved...
  13. Well it might be possible in a bit complex/Crude way using analog sound output of the phone (handsfree) -> Mic/AuxIn of Sound card of computer. Whenever U get a voice call (ringer can be sensed) U can "revieve" the call using AT commands. Once this is done. U can auto announce to the user the keys(options) to press (Mic of Phone thru handfree port). The tone(analog) generated by the keypress has to be analysed by a s/w on the computer (Don't have ready reference - but such do exist) and respond accordingly.
  14. Hidden RIM URLs

    same here. even with 91 prefixed
  15. Mms Problem

    Hmm... How about writing a mail-mms s/w that uses a preset email id/pass (or user configurable id/pass to make the entire procedure easier. Privacy issues are there as I don't know how to write an app that uses open relay smtp like the IstSMTP. May b I can add it to my todo list..