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  1. Not first from reliance. They have habit of trafic throttling if you buy pack with benefits. I was using reliance gsm prepaid in kolkata. in 1st month I reacharged with Rs.177/- for 1 gb data. Speed was good. and in 2nd month they had plan for Rs.199/- rechage 5 Gb of data was offered. When I started using that pack speed reduced to snail even had difficulties in browsing website. Only one mantra on Reliance. If you want really good speed on Internet stay away for promotional pack and offers
  2. How are the sellers sourcing phones?

    one option is that if you are us subscriber and covered under contact. you just have to report your handset as lost. they will add $6 and issue you a new phone so you have phone for $6
  3. I have lost one of my mts phone. when I registered lost complaint person at CC told me that it will take 24 hrs to deactivate number and any offer and promo associated with that number will be invalid in new sim. although they will give me same number on new sim. I have very old scheme of MTS in which daily onnet 150 mints is free. If i lose that scheme it will be a loss for me. Do telecom operator has freedom to change plan in case of sim replacment ?
  4. Suggestions for my Website Design

    totally agree with monji. dump html for wordpress
  5. [Debate] Is Apple The Best?

    I don't own Iphone or Samsung Android but one thing every one agrees that credit goes to apple for innovation. Portable MP3 players were never heard before IPOD Phone without button was not thinkable before IPhone They have innovated Application market which support development eco cycle and Lastly IPAD They have the best Laptop and Desktop and all-in-one everyone copied from there product even on software part windows is poor mans mac os and Android is also poor man IOS
  6. Eid Mubark!

    or atleast spare cows
  7. Azim Premji (Wipro) Pledges Rs 8,846 Crore Donation

    Mukesh bhai or Anil bhai ???????
  8. Its All New Airtel Now

    if you stare at logo for more than 10 second you will have spinning sense in your head
  9. Unlock Huwaei Ec 325 Data Card

    Never ever flash generic bin file on original rim bin if you want to use for sms it will slow down sms speed from 60 in a minute to 4 in a minute so be careful
  10. Gave Up Reliance Communication For MTS

    I am also using MTS for the last 2 months in kolkata circle. but as addon phone network coverage is at par with reliance (some expection in basement or out of city say 10 kms) I am satisfied with the voice clarity and quality and ofcourse saving too. I will switch rcom to mts once MNP become effective.
  11. Importing Handsets From Usa For Rimweb Members

    It is hard to believe that you will be importing handset from us only for rimweb members. What about the warranty Issues and after sales. what will be the price difference. do you have any link that will give an idea about the price is us?