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  1. OnePlus invites

    one plus two invite..valid till tomrrow noon. in52-aa0c-e608-3583
  2. Sprint iPhone 5 on Reliance CDMA?

    can iphone 6 plus locked to sprint be made to work with gsm in india.. stuck with one? thanks
  3. Back with some more giveaways...yet again defectives from Titan...defects are faded color, patchy color, minor stitch or pasting defect. Construction wise, the products do not have any defect. Most look excellent externally (almost like new) you can pick them up from here http://www.hidekraft.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=350 First come first serve, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 1. Shipping handling (1+99). pay through site only. Please do not make the link public. its not meant for public sale and will impact us negatively.
  4. Sorry shahab jiNot able to go through Says product not found Please help sorry, offer long over. shahab
  5. All offers are live now. Got delayed yesterday night due to a hitch. The stupid Kartrocket platform messed the entire thing up
  6. Sorry about the delay guys. Please write to ecom@hidekart.com with your queries. Did you get mails with tracking details or without
  7. some people are ordering 10-12 pcs. Please avoid as it is creating unnecessary load on us..going through the cycles of cancellations and stuff. Thanks
  8. its for forum members only..but honestly speaking i wouldnt know if anyone else ordered.... We will do a mega sale on 25th which will be open to the public where we will promote select fresh products at 1+ shipping & handling..(approx 1+99)...he can buy then
  9. forgot to mention, my colleagues will send any one of the options given...cant promise that 1 chosen option will be sent.
  10. Hi, some giveaways after a long time. These are wallets that we had done for a leading retailer but they didnt go through our QC due to some defects. Most of them have defects such as color stains and minor double stitches and things like that.some of them will also have color fading as these are almost a year old. Images are attached for your ref. I have 300 pcs to give away. shipping charges (76/-) can be paid through my website link directly. link is given below http://www.hidekraft.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=350 No need to send me PMs. Just get one for yourself. Any one taking more than 1 will have their additional requests cancelled. Thanks Shahab
  11. xolo q500 on indiatimes maybe an option too
  12. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    thanks..kanishk...got it back in working condition