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  1. Nokia 6235 Cdma For Connecting To Internet

    Hi As others have suggested, install the DKU-2 cable drivers. This should setup your phone as a modem. Further, perform the configuration suggested in this post. Hope this helps! Akshay
  2. All about Nokia 6235

    Hi I too got a DKU-2 cable the same way! A dealer gave me the cable that he got with his Nokia cell, saying he had no use for it. Had to shell out Rs 700/- though ! BTW, here's one thing I noticed with the solution suggested for multiple alarms. Setting notes in the calendar works perfectly fine. The only problem is that it doesn't ring when the phone is switched off! For that to happen, you need to use the alarm! Akshay
  3. All about Nokia 6235

    Hi Just checked the memory on my phone. It shows the total memory as 14.1 MB! BTW, I tried RConnect yesterday. I was supposedly connected at 460.8 kbps though I wonder if that was the actual speed. Total connection time was 7 minutes during which all was smooth and there were no disconnections or any other hitches. Akshay
  4. All about Nokia 6235

    Hi Thanks a lot! Nice tweak you found there! Wish I was able to come up with useful stuff like that ! I tried RConnect yesterday but very briefly 'cause my monitor started to act up! Hope to be able to post some statistics soon! Akshay
  5. All about Nokia 6235

    Hey Thanks a lot for the information! I assume you mean that after I follow these steps I would need to create a dial-up connection, am I right? BTW, could anyone verify if the battery backup I'm getting is allright or not? As I said earlier, a single charge lasts for just about two days with occasional image captures, IR transfers, medium talk-time (sorry, can't be more precise!), general fiddling around with the gallery, contacts, messages etc. In summary, I guess you could call it normal usage ! One more thing, is there any way of transferring text messages stored on this phone to the comp.? Akshay
  6. All about Nokia 6235

    Hey Thats a nice idea! Thanks a lot...Will try it out! I seem to have a problem using RConnect but thats probably because I haven't read all the material there is out there. I installed Nokia PC Suite first and then clicked on "Connect to the internet". However, the next screen that popped up informed me that no modems were found! I can see the modem installed in my modems list in Control Panel though. I tried installing the cable drivers next but the installation did not proceed because another version of the driver was already installed. I then realized that I probably do not have to install the cable drivers separately. I'll try setting up a dial-up connection the usual way. Can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track! Sorry, if this info. is already elsewhere ! Akshay
  7. All about Nokia 6235

    Hi Sure thing...Will try it out today or tommorrow and let you know about RConnect! BTW, I'd like to know if the battery backup that I'm getting with my phone is allright or not. The charge usually stays for two whole days with medium usage. When on roaming though, the battery seems to drain pretty fast! Akshay
  8. All about Nokia 6235

    Hi Tanveer I'm stationed at Bangalore but shuttle to Chennai now and then. I managed to get a DKU-2 cable yesterday at Chennai from some local dealer. Installed the Nokia PC suite, which was a breeze, and then connected the phone to my PC. My cell was immediately recognized and all was in readiness. The first thing I tried was to copy all images on my cell to the comp. That got done pretty fast and the pics. once copied seemed in pretty good shape. The only other thing I tried was copying an image from my comp. onto the phone using the file explorer. Wanted to experiment a little more but was in a bit of a hurry... There are a few things I forgot to mention in my review. These are features that you wouldn't notice or miss too much, but thought I'd mention them anyway. On my old LG phone, whenever I added a new contact from either a received message or a call, the recent call list and the message recipient would get updated to show the contact name instead of the number. However, on the 6235, the call register and the message recipient don't change immediately. Its only the next time a message or a call is received that the contact name is shown. Guess its the same with all Nokia phones... Another nice feature on my RD 2130 was the facility to set multiple alarms. I could set upto 3 alarms at a time which was quite useful particularly whenever I travel. Here, the only option is to change the alarm time which could be dangerous if I forget to change it back to the original value ! Akshay
  9. All about Nokia 6235

    Hi EO First of all, a very happy new year to all! I came across RIMweb when I was surfing the net trying to decide whether to upgrade my phone. I had an LG RD2130 and was thinking of replacing it with the new Nokia 6235. The posts here were really helpful and in the end I made up my mind to get the 6235! I bought my 6235 handset two weeks ago at Bangalore. Cost me Rs 8,500/- minus what I got for my old handset. Seeing that quite a few reviews have been already written it prob. doesn't make much sense for me to add anything. However, I thought I'd just share my experience with the phone so far. The screen is a 65k colour TFT LCD. Very colourful indeed but somehow seems a little dull compared to a few other phones I've seen. The 5-way joystick is pretty useful but takes a little time getting used to. The other thing is that it seems way too tight and can be painful sometimes! The keypad buttons are separated horizontally by what I can best describe as vertical dividing strips. The keys are at the same level as the front panels on the phone and not raised like in most other phones. This makes it slightly difficult while typing messages but shouldn't be too much of a problem as the keys are soft. On the whole the tactile feel is good but could have been better. The battery was a major consideration when changing my handset. My old RD 2130 used to last just over a day during the last few weeks. So far, the battery backup on the 6235 has been decent. It usually lasts two whole days and some. The maximum I've got is two-and-a-half days with medium usage. Charging usually takes about an hour and a half (I could be wrong about this as I haven't measured it accurately!) The sound quality is good both with and without the hands-free kit. I've had no problems even when travelling on the road with the usual traffic noises all around. Haven't used the FM radio too much but from what I have I can tell you that it sounds very good indeed! Speaker output too is loud enough I guess. The camera captures pics. at 640x480 pixels. So far, pictures I've taken have turned out pretty decent. Quality is good when light is adequate but is very pixelated in low light conditions. The only way I've manages to transfer pictures to my PC is thus: Sent images via IR to a Nokia 6600 and from there to my PC using Bluetooth! PC-Sync and R-Connect are two things I haven't used so far. I enquired about the DKU-2 cable at both a Nokia Priority dealer outlet and a Reliance WW. The price quoted was Rs 1600 at the WW and Rs 1750 at the Nokia outlet. Has anyone managed to get a cable for less?? My experience with this phone so far has been reasonably good. It looks sleek and also has a professional touch to it. Its two shade grey colour is quite well suited for the workplace as it isn't too flashy. Not much I admit, but I'd be happy to answer any queries you may have about this model! Akshay