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  1. On Lenovo A7000 ,in MTK Engineer mode I am not able to activate LTE Band 5 . Its always disbaled.
  2. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I inserted my new sim on my Lenovo A7000 (4G but not VOLTE) Open the Jio Join app,Its shows register your SIM. when I click on that link its shows your JIO SIMnumber is not valid.Any idea what is the issue.
  3. But guys from Reliance Digital is not giving the SIM card.
  4. Linking Lyf mobile to router

    I m using Xiaomi Mi Wifi Mini router using as repeater. I tried USB threading to router but it didn't work.
  5. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    How to find which band it is using?
  6. Good news for all guys on preview offer. The offer extended to 6 months instead of 3 months. Check you my bio jio app for updated validity
  7. Today I visited the LYF service center and I asked them about the wind 6 mobile charging and discharging issue. They then manually updated the firmware. But I can't find any difference.
  8. LYF Wind 6 Battery drain and charging issue will be solved by re-flashing the full ROM.
  9. The OEM will be Ringing bells (the same guys who made smartphone for Rs. 251) or no one else in world will make such a crappy phone like wind 6. It takes 7 hours to charge full and to discharge it will only take 3-4 hours. I wonder how much will be my electricity bill this month 😞
  10. Wind 6 is the worse smartphone I ever used. Not at all a VFM. Touch will not work properly. Very slow. Never buy wind 6
  11. Actually it wont take more than 2-3 hours. If the form is filled properly then it will be done in 2-3 hours
  12. After using Wind 6 for 2 days. I now think I would have gone for Water 2 .
  13. Actual activation time won't take more than one hour.
  14. Wind 4 is not available in any store. So gone for Wind 6. Inserted the SIM Card, Signal is not shown, Tried manual search also- no luck. I think its activated only after Tele Verification. I had updated the Excel Sheet with all the details regarding purchase. Thanks for helping me to get the invite.
  15. Wind 4 looks good. (Around 6K)