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  1. On 8/8/2016 at 4:49 PM, LTE4G said:

    Reliance 4G ₹97 Recahrge

    NOW AVAILABLE through Instacare & myservices too.;)

    Offer details:

    150 Minutes for Local & STD calls + 1GB 3G/2G + 43200 Minutes of Local & STD onnet Calls + 10GB 4G data for 30 days.

    Had anybody Tried ?

    Which circle no such option in instacare app Rajasthan circle

  2. On 5/9/2016 at 6:08 PM, dr.faramroze said:

    This forum started for maintenance and guidelines for the CDMA user community. If one carrier stops, we switch to a different operator. I am writing this, because no one is sure of any particular CDMA continuing in short future. BSNL can help CDMA users in some regions of service and will help those who have single network handset. I am also aware that BSNL is surrendering cdma spectrum in some states but it still help us. RUIM of BSNL is hybrid type, data works on normal sim based handsets like Moto E, Moto X, Droid series etc and also on handsets like VZW Note 3, Note 5, S5, S6, S7 Nexus 6 etc. A small amount of one time programming is required after sim activation. Note that there is no *228 for OTAF and was removed from network in 2010.

    MIP profile type:- make simple IP from mobile ip (mainly essential)
    Ppp user= your10digitmin@AAAVD.in (only required in some handsets)
    Ppp pass= your10digitmin
    Dial string/APN= #777

    BSNL CDMA back end all India operations are handled from Vadodara and we can directly contact them for any issues.

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    If u could please tell acess no.  Such as balance check etc i got activated my sim after 15 days and by complaining above bsnl official

  3. 6 hours ago, commonman said:

    I am having Wind4 handset. I am using it as hotspot. But I found that it has limited reange and the speed drops sharply if the connected device is at a distance of more than 6-7 feet.  I also have TPLink W8968 wifi router which supports USB 3G/4G dongle and one of the 4 LAN ports can be used as a E-WAN port with cable internet or other wired LAN. I was using this earlier with MTS dongle and its signal is strong enough for my whole flat.

    Is there any way that Wind4 can be connected to with the router as the modem and other  devices connect with the router.

    Simply connect your usb cable between phone and usb port in modem then  on usb tethering in phone try 3-4 tumes if it not work first it will work and if not reply


  4. 32 minutes ago, KanagaDeepan said:

    Yes.. He said clearly in his last post.. Even I have checked it personally.. The SIM I got with Wind4 for my relative is working without any issue in my Water1.. But the Preview offer sim is NOT working with even Jio MiFi.. I am using employee sim in that MiFi for now.. I will post the review of Jio MiFi once I get some free time...

    Can u please update the pic of jiomifi is it available with invite sim please tell