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  1. 4G WiFi router for Jio

    Can somebody please guide me as to what are options available for 4g wifi router compatible with JIO frequency A JIO 4G SIM based router with ADSL option B:- JIO 4G SIM based without ADSL option I am not looking for mifi or 4G router with usb dongles. I have tried on google but have got confusing reviews from various sites. There was none that i could find on amazon, flipkart, snapdeal.
  2. Source: http://www.fonearena.com/blog/192408/exclusive-reliance-jio-jiolink-indoor-wifi-plans-and-preview-offer-revealed.html FoneArena has obtained exclusive information regarding the Reliance Jio JioLink Indoor WiFi offering and also a 90 day Jio Preview Offer for the same. Jio is gearing up for a commercial launch soon and this solution could actually solve poor coverage or slow speeds in some areas especially when indoors. I have seen great speeds on Jio outdoors but when indoors , speeds do drop considerably. Let us dive in and find out what is JioLink and why it is big deal. The JioLink indoor WiFi is a CPE or Customer Premise Equipment which involves a Unidirectional Antenna most likely installed on the roof or terrace of a building and WiFi router which will be at your home / office. The Indoor WiFi router or JioLink unit features a RJ45 port and is connected to the antenna by means of a Cat5 / Cat 6 cable. So in really layman terms , this is basically a 4G MiFi/ Wireless Hotspot with an external antenna and unlimited battery life ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jio is going to offer 4G LTE services in 3 LTE bands โ€“ Band 3 โ€“ 1800MHz, Band 5 โ€“ 850MHz and Band 40 โ€“ 2300 MHz. It is likely the the JioLink antenna is optimized for these bands and will get you the best speeds basis the signal strength. This is very interesting because JioLink will work as a signal booster. Another reason this solution is interesting is because, even users with devices which donโ€™t support Jioโ€™s LTE bands can experience the high data speeds over WiFi. Note that this is mainly targeted at offering data and not calling, but considering Jio is planning to roll out support for Wi-Fi calling or VoWiFI , this could be a good solution to have. It is worth mentioning that Jio is not the first to come up with something this in India. Airtel did start offering 4G broadband services in some cities such as Kolkata, Bangalore and Chandigarh using a similar CPE equipment. Now coming to the preview offer, Jio is offering 90 days of unlimited 4G data and subscription to its premium suit of apps including JioPlay and JioOnDemand. Tariffs beyond the 90 day period are not available currently. Now for the price part, Jio is going to charge Rs.2500 towards installation and setup of JioLink solution at your home or office. The JioLink Preview Offer is currently available in select cities across India where Jio Preview Offer for Lyf & Samsung are currently offered. It is expected to be available at Reliance Digital stores starting this week. Today we have exclusive photos of the JioLink CPE device which will soon be available in several cities where Jio 4G service is available. As you can see, the Jio branding is evident on the front and the special microSIM card provisioned for JioLink needs to be used on this device. The JioLink is basically an outdoor 4G LTE modem and is waterproof and helps improve coverage in crowded areas and will mainly work on the 2300Mhz 4G band or Band 40 which is known to offer faster speeds on Jio. This device could be mounted on a pole with the clamp very similar to what some broadband providers like Tikona do currently or mounted on a wall in a terrace with the help of the wall mount which is expected to be supplied with the device. The device is powered by a Power-over-Ethernet PoE adapter which is supplied in the box. The output from the device needs to connected to a WiFi router. It is not entirely clear if a WiFi router will be supplied in the box. A quick check on a import database reveals that over 100,000 units of this device being imported into India from Malaysia since last year at a price of Rs.4400 approximately per unit which is slightly higher than the Rs.2500 cost which Jio is going to charge for customers installing this device. We have also learnt that preference will be given to employees, distributors and dealers.
  3. It probably will not work because jio sim is locked with lyf mobiles. Sent from my Lenovo X2-AP using Tapatalk
  4. Is there anyway to get an additional sim for jio connection?
  6. No offer is not applicable with MIFI offer is only for lyf handset. @inception i will upload the mifi photo later in the evening.
  7. Somebody from JIO called me from 7001170512 to verify that did i buy the handset and sim card. was also inquiring about the number i got and the place from where i bought. has anybody received the call of this nature.
  8. I also got mifi and wind 4 nice model compared to wind 6 imho. But still waiting for sim activation alMost 30 hours passed. Am told it takes around 3-5 days Sent from my Lenovo X2-AP using Tapatalk
  9. I fully agree with guru ji. He is purely providing the service that too at no cost. It will be very unfair to name anybody at jio. It could well jeopardize their job Sent from my Lenovo X2-AP using Tapatalk
  10. Dear All Wind 4 seems to be more VFM than Wind 6. But the stores have no idea of the delivery. I think i will wait for Wind 4 atleast for a few days Also please share if anyone has jio Mi-Fi
  11. Dear Guru ji Just received the invitation. Thanx for everything. Will update about the handset and other details tomorrow. Ppl plz send in your feedback of lyf phones and jio network. Which handset is suggested my choice is wind6 Sent from my Lenovo X2-AP using Tapatalk
  12. I guess we should be patient. Teething problems do occur that is the reason it is beta / soft launch. I assume that none of us badly stuck without jio. Most importantly Guru and his friends are not professionals they are just providing service. Sent from my Lenovo X2-AP using Tapatalk
  13. Dear Guruji I see my name highlighted in red in the spreadsheet. Just curious to know. I Fully understand that you are only providing help and not professional support on behalf of JIO. Do let me know if i can help you in anyway. Thanx
  14. @ guru gopal ji. Jio money offer is only for jio lyf user under invite or for all non jio user who download apk from play store and registers for jio money?? As of now, it is not available in playstoreJiomoney is now on google playstoreSent from my Lenovo X2-AP using Tapatalk