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  1. Will Sprint HTC one max , Sprint HTC one m8, Sprint HTC one m7 and Verizon HTC one max work on either Reliance Jio or Reliance Gsm 4G ?
  2. I had placed a complaint regarding non activation of promotional scheme of 100 discount on calling been applied by MNP retention team, and surprisingly got a call from service desk at night and helped to resolve it. Really nice initiative : Reliance Instacare ( latest updated version )

    Birthday greetings Arun Ji..
  4. Bought HTC One from our beloved Muffi Bhai... As ever smooth and budgeted one... Thanks again Muffi Bhai
  5. Activated an MNP Retention Offer today. Service : GSM Plan Name : DRM 50 Monthly Rental : 50 Free Calls : nil Call Charges : 50 paise per call ( Local and STD ) On top of it after bargaining also activated Rs.100 discount on calls every month for next 6 Months. Effective bill of Rs. 50 + taxes every month as my calling aint much. Regardless to mention i had already activated DS Swaraj99 plan on my other numbers at home. Service : GSM on one number and CDMA on another number. Plan Name : DS Swaraj99 Monthly Rental :99 Free Calls : 500 mins Free SMS : 300 Sms Reliance to Reliance Inter circle free. Also Activated Rs.100 discount on calls every month for next 6 months on these numbers too. Effective bill is Rs. 99 + taxes for the next 6 months.
  6. HTC One X Plus Stuck On Boot While Rooting

    but this is us cingular... would this work for ATT HTC One x Plus ???
  7. HTC One X Plus Stuck On Boot While Rooting

    i bet am bad at searching and also at researching... thanks @ a1cellsolution i have been looking for this file everywhere.... thanks a tonz once again
  8. Dear Guru's I bought an unlocked At&T Htc One x Plus shipped from USA for use of my Reliance GSM sim. Since it was unlocked i could use it over Reliance GSM network. But i couldnt tether my GPRS as it was locked to AT&T.( also wanted to remoe all ATT Stock aplications ) Hence i researched on XDA and found out that rooting would help. So after days research finally today i decided to give it a go. To begin with i unlocked the bootloader using fastboot commands after submitting the token id. on www.htcdev.com and successfully unlocked the bootloader. (( i tried to use hasoons OneX+_All-In-One_Kit but it never let me do anything )) For rooting i downloaded RootBoot- and did just as they said. But now the phone is stuck on att logo and does not go any further. I guess i have done something worng here. I even tried finding the ruu file so that i could flash it back to stock but am not able to find it. Can any one help me to restart the handset. I wouldnt mind even if its not rooted, but dont want a priced heavy weight. thanks in advance. vickSs
  9. seems like the details for the HTC Butterfly have been copied and pasted in the post on ebay from gsmarena.
  10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 (Titanium Silver,Wi-Fi,16GB) @ Rs. 8991 # Shipping Incl. at Tradus.com->8 hours ago Few days ago, we have shared a deal of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 at Rs. 14, 849 offered by Homeshop18.com but here we have come up with an offer of Tradus.com where you can purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 (Titanium Silver, Wi-Fi, 16GB) worth Rs. 14,790 at Rs. 9,679 only including shipping charges. How to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 2- P3100 at Rs. 8991: Visit here for offer page of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 -P3110 ( White ) Visit here for offer page of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 -P3110 ( Black ) Add to cart Login/Register Fill/Update your shipping details Apply the discount coupon code : TABLETS10 Make remaining payment Price Comparision of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110:Homeshop18 @ Rs.12599 Infibeam @ Rs.10490 Flipkart @ Rs.9990 Snapdeal @ Rs.12150 Zoomin @ Rs.12620 Saholic @ Rs.12499 Yebhi @ Rs.12699 Source : http://freekaamaal.com/2013/04/samsung-galaxy-tab-2-p3110-titanium-silverwi-fi16gb-rs-9679/#.UW_r46J-bVE
  11. Reliance GSM Network in Pune & Maharashtra

    Reliance GSM ? or some other company ? Ported from Reliance CDMa to Reliance GSM
  12. Reliance GSM Network in Pune & Maharashtra

    I recently ported one of my number from CDMA to GSM. My experiences so far has been the best.Icing on the cake is the data plan of 99 where in i get 2.5 GB data per month.As far as the network is concerned i haven't faced any issues, no call drops no network congestion.Frankly i am very happy till date.More ever places where i had troubles with network in CDMA seem to be resolved with GSM. Just wanted the fellow rimwebians to know.
  13. Hi Rajan Bhai, Can u update about US policy on ban on export of items containing lithium. I had a mail from ebay confirming the same .They had specifically mentioned that US had banned export of items containing Lithium ( phone batteries ).

    Thanks Rajan Bhai, Happy Birthday to you too Kumar Bhai....