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  1. Two Plans on JIO

    but i like this double recharge. I am getting around 120 GB per month for only 624 rupees . both are now working side by side
  2. Two Plans on JIO

    This 509 plan shows under monthly category when you try to recharge on desktop computer
  3. Two Plans on JIO

    but why 509 plan falls in monthly plan list when validity is 49 days? when should i renew it?
  4. Two Plans on JIO

    i don't think so. since my last plan expired, i activated two 509 plans and both are active. This way i get 4 gb data per day for 49 days which is 196 gb of data. This is even better than 999 plan. but i can only confirm this in few days to see if both plans data is being consumed. but why this plan falls in monthly plan list when validity is 49 days? any ideas?
  5. Two Plans on JIO

    are you sure? anybody else who has multiple plans?
  6. If I recharge JIO with two plans i.e 509 plan and 999 plans and use 5 GB data per day, will it first use 2 GB high speed data of 509 plan and then high speed data of 999 plan or vice versa? I asked this question with JIO support, and they say "it will be combined" but could not explain what is meant by "combined" and kept saying "bus dono plan add ho jayenge" and that does answer my question. Needless to say, JIO customer support is stupid and untrained