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Found 7 results

  1. Is it possible to get a Verizon Blackberry Z10 to work on Reliance CDMA once its MEID is registered ? Or does it need extensive programming etc ? If possible, then will there be any issue of PIN (say in BBM or appworld) ? though BES/BIS is no longer essential now. Reason I am asking is that I have bought a Z10 (GSM) but my office number seems to be having issues in getting ported to Reliance GSM. Lot of verizon Z10 are available (even with unlocked GSM) and I am thinking if my porting doesn't happen then can i buy a verzon z10 and use on RCDMA ?
  2. Hi, I have recently got an imported 9930 Verizon (GSM Uncloked) handset. Got hold of a techie to load PRL (I guess using CDMA workshop) and registered ESN with tata, unfortunately he didn't do a good job. I couldn't activate using *228 (OTA), it throwing some error. But some how VOICE calls are working and SMS (receiving SMS but not able to send SMS). Initially they (TATA team, & Techie) both promised that BIS will be activated but now they are giving some lame reasons to activate. On other TATA Blackberry helpdesk is trying to register my MEID from past three weeks and failed to activate it. Yet they are giving some excuses that their IT team is working on the problem. How to fix BIS activation?? Should I hard reset my device to register this MEID with Reliance (because initially before PRL load *228 was able reach Reliance) - After PRL loading I can't hear Reliance / either Tata - It's just saying Welcome thank you for using our services Is there a fix for OTA to reach Tata? Or Can I switch other Service provider (GSM) and use Engg screen options to activate BIS - Is it really possible?? What is A-Key on CDMA Screen? How to get it? Would it help in any way to fix this issue?? ##000000 - Is showing some verizon related info. Can I get similar info for TATA . Would it help?? MSL (from service provider)—??? MDN (from service provider)—?? IMSI_S (from service provider) - ?? SIP-ID (from service provider)—?? SIP-Password (from service provider)—?? MIP-ID (from service provider)—?? MIP-Password (from service provider)—?? SID (from modem card)—?? NID (from modem card)—?? DMU MN Auth- ?? Primary HA Address?? Secondary HA Address?? Thanks in advance for your help....!
  3. I have a new cdma BB 8130 that I have flashed with the Reliance OS as well as the reliance PRL. It now shows the bars in the top right corner but when i go the 'services status' screen, under the 'Mobile Network provider' it says Sprint PCS! How is that possible since the PRL is from reliance? I even tried wiping it with JL-commander and nuking it with MFI, but it still shows Sprint network. Have I missed something? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Hi, Somebody please guide me how to convert Blackberry backup file (.bbb) to .ipd format. I want to extract contacts to excel. Tried with utilities like blackberry extractor and phoneminer but those are trial versions only,not able to transfer contacts more than 5. Please help.
  5. Time to pay back to forum once more i can get gsm blackberry unlock codes for free All models/carriers PM me with your IMEI/Carrier/Model i will send u the unlock code by pm Don't complain about turn around times, these are free so delays might be there preferrably for trsuted and advanced members for posts above 100
  6. How to Wipe/Load OS using BBSAK

    Hello rimwebians here is a tutorial to wipe or load OS using BBSAK So all of you need is to download following programs and install it. 1. BBSAK program 2. Net Framework 3. Desktop Manager After installing properly follow the following steps as the main process starts. 1. Always backup your phone. Backup your phone using Desktop Manager. 2. You can backup your 3rd party apps too if you want but I usually don't. I will do a fresh download of those apps to be on the safe side. 3. Plug in the cable to your phone and run BBSAK. 4. You will see a box to enter the password. If you don't have a password, leave it blank and press OK. If you have a password, key in the password and press OK. 5. You will be able to see your BlackBerry PIN at the PIN box if the phone is connected correctly to BBSAK. 6. Search for the option to Wipe Device and it will prompt you if you are sure to wipe. If you have not backup your phone (or forgotten to), this is a good time to exit and backup first. 7. Press Wipe Device and wait until the box appear saying Wipe Complete. 8. The phone will reboot and you will then proceed to a white screen. It will prompt you Error 507. Do not panic and follow the next step and don't unplug the cable. 9. If you have the desired OS installed in your computer, select the option for Load OS. 10. From here, everything is straight forward and just follow the instructions. BBSAK is much simpler as it auto delete the Vendor file for you. Things to do before backup: 1. Download and install the latest BBSAK and OS you desired. 2. Backup the contents of your choice. Have a great day guys! Hope that you will do it because we are BLACKBERRY BOYS!!!!! Sources crackberry google youtube
  7. Planning to buy Blackberry curve 3g 9330 unlocked version Previosly on verizon network, does any one have any info regarding the same?? whats the disadvantages etc, Thanks in advance.. Regards vicky sood