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Found 59 results

  1. Hey guys, looking for a smartphone with dual sim, cdma + gsm android, budget is under 20k. currently using htc desire xc dual sim t329d. connectivity wise, i need 1x only for cdma (EVDO not compulsion but if present will do good) 3g for GSM (must). Presently my htc is evdo + 2g. dere are many phones with similar config, i.e evdo + 2g but not 1x/evdo + 3g. looked for sharp sch630e. but have some credibility issues regarding after sales. suggest couple of hand sets please.
  2. Good news is that SPR L720 works on OMH very well with data. I received a few phones last week which were shipped on 4.3 OTA. Rooted, flashed phil's recovery and updated to NAE 4.4 modem.tar, flashed rooted stock TW NAE 4.4 flashable ROM.zip from recovery and it reads any RUIM. Have also tested other international CDMA SIM cards on this baked tutorial. Chinese tutorial:- http://www.cdmamod.com/thread-1840-1-1.html the files:- http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqsUCJU Note 1:- that GSM unlocking requires MDC modem, s4 unlocker and such, and that hidden menu may not be operable on 4.3/4.4 so please make sure its done before this procedure. The chinese tutorial states that a stock MK2 odin file is used, and then the 4.4 zip and the NAE modem, but i have not updated to 4.3 bootloader. Note 2:- OMH/GSM/NV mode (3 networks as called in China) also works on MDC base and CM roms. *Please use your favourite CDMA software to make the phone RUIM only/RUIM if avail before proceeding to this topic. *GSM usage by this method is under development. The entire tutorial is experimental and aimed towards achieving stock like performance.
  3. Samsung Galaxy US Cellular R530U can/will brick while on 4.3 MJA if tried downgrading by Odin or recovery or by flashable zip MB1/MD4 firmware by SD card. Firmwares contain sbl1, sbl2, tbz and some other components fatal to the bootloader. The handset will be dead completely leading to the only option of JTAG Riffbox. It is also seen than pin-outs of JTAG to R530 are not easily mappable. Here is an emergency restore to boot into download mode by which you can re-flash the stock R530uvxubmja tar odin file. Things needed are:- 1. A 16GB class 10 SD card (for 16GB handsets, 32GB for 32GB handsets), a 16GB class 4 of Transcend or Sandisk also works..Tested !! 2. Download this file in a folder http://www.4shared.com/zip/l6N9muH_ce/win32diskimager-v09-binary.html 3. Insert the SD card into the PC, we are making image partitions, SD can get corrupt or unusable, card reader will get damaged. 4. Download this resurrection file extracted by JTAG https://app.box.com/SCH-R530U (a 32GB JTAG mmblk0 file will be uploaded soon by me 5. Open the unzipped application of the extracted folder and select the JTAG bin file and write to the SD card 6. Remove the SD card and put it in the R530, remove the battery, insert a good power adapter, re-attach the battery 7. Phone will start charging in off state, get into download mode and download this tar file http://upload.teamuscellular.com/5D1?d=1 8. Your phone is saved Edited:- more details added.
  4. For this process, HTC One Sprint M7WLS should be rooted and S-off. Google it for the procedure till here. 1. Open your favourite CDMA software and make the RUIM config as RUIM if avail 2. Boot the phone into fastboot and type the following commands a. fastboot oem rebootRUU b. fastboot flash zip CT3G_radio.zip c. fastboot reboot Link for the radio https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BylQ6RZ2mIP_UjBkcWd3T1lITFk/edit?usp=sharing 2. http://www.4shared.com/zip/Wh-_Fvsuce/CT3G_radio.html Your phone will detect CDMA SIM network upon reboot.
  5. Verizon Pantech Breakout is an unlocked CDMA OMH SIM handset where all SIM cards support calls and sms. There is no hidden settings involved in achieving calling and messaging. However it does not support data on RUIM of Reliance but with some minor tweaking, Tata Indicom SIM supports 3G/EVDO internet. Steps:- 1. Root the phone in few steps following this guide and the attached files. http://www.techychat.com/2013/05/28/root-pantech-breakout/ 2. After successful root, download and install root explorer 2.16 or older 3. Replace my attached build.prop in system folder and apns-conf.xml in system/etc folder, set all permissions and reboot. 4. Dial *#*#4636#*#* and select CDMA only Note:- Data on this device only works in evdo areas. there is no 1x support available on this phone. data icon will remain 1x in evdo areas and no data will work in 1x areas. Evdo speed is recorded on this 1x icon. After putting this settings, there will never be any need to change/modify any setting even after changing to any number of SIM cards. Also note that there is no success on Reliance RUIM for data on this phone till date. apns-conf.xml build.zip
  6. Hi All, Need a suggestion for a CDMA OMH which is less than Rs. 7K (New). Must have's Wifi Largest screen possible within the price mentioned Memory card slot Local warranty within India, need reliability Any decent brand should do - expected usage at least 3 years Should Work on Tata docomo/indicom CDMA network Android OS 3G Touch screen Can have Mint/New imported handset Can extend the budget upto 9k for local/imported handset
  7. Hi RIMWebians, Thought of upgrading my phone, budget is not an issue. Essentially I want to be able to use the same phone (voice, data, SMS, USSD) all over the world - CDMA in India and US and GSM elsewhere is what I am thinking. Been reading the forums and I am confused and was hoping that folks here could help. Reason I need an OMH set is that I am pretty sure if I take a programmed phone to the US it will stop working. Worst case scenario, probably if there is nothing, I might need to reprogram while in US and once again I am back. On basis of what I read in RIMWeb I believe the phones can be Droid DNA, Sprint HTC One, Razr Maxx HD. There may be some older models I remember Kapilji and Tusharji were talking about Droid Razr and there is the Droid 3 too... Can the experts please let me know what is the right choice here. Thanks
  8. iPhone CDMA Likely To Be Launched By Reliance Communications Source RCom is planning to launch the iPhone for its CDMA network in India, BGR India has learnt. Multiple people with knowledge of the matter have confirmed that the two companies have signed a deal and an announcement is likely to be made soon. With increasing data revenues across carriers, RCom hopes that having a high-end device like the iPhone would help it retain subscribers and also increase its data revenues. “We have always believed that CDMA is a better technology for data services and we will introduce high-end smartphones across both GSM and CDMA networks,” an RCom executive told BGR India on condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to the media. Apart from Apple, the carrier is also looking at other vendors like HTC and Lenovo to offer smartphones for both its GSM and CDMA networks. Currently, all iPhones and GSM smartphones from other vendors are available unlocked so it is unlikely to make much sense for RCom to procure GSM smartphones. In all likelihood, it would launch the CDMA variants and probably offer some regular data bundling deals for its GSM subscribers. Earlier RCom had entered into a marketing agreement with CoolPad, a Chinese brand, to sell low-end Android smartphones from its own stores. However, the carrier now believes it needs premium smartphones in order to entice high value subscribers to increase its data revenues.
  9. Lenovo in Feb announced that the will be releasing CDMA+GSM phones in India - Source Are the phones already here? Recently my Dad went to a Lenovo store and there he was shown a handset which was Dual Sim. So I asked him to visit again and get more details. Today he visited it again and noted down the phone names and prices. Lenovo Mobiles Models Price ---------- ------------- A60+ Rs. 6500/- S560 Rs. 14499/- P700i Rs. 11800/- S880 Rs. 16990/- S890 Rs. 18800/- Now on checking on reputed sites I see that most of them are Dual Sim GSM phones, but still Lenovo Store employees claim them to be otherwise. All the above phones are having a real good spec and very attractive price points. Does anybody have any further information on the phones that CDMA+GSM phones Lenovo plans to release?
  10. Skytel Dual Sim CDMA Handsets

    Source Happened to click on Special Privileges on RCOM website. There under CDMA handset, two devices, SM300 and SM900 are listed as Dual Sim Android Handsets. Not Much Details are mentioned on the website regarding them. SM300 - Description Android 2.3, 3G, Smartphone, 3.5" Capacitive Touchscreen, WiFi b/g/n, Dual SIM, Dual camera, Flash etc. SM900 - Description Android, 3G, Smartphone, 4.3", Capacitive touchscreen, Dual SIM, Dual camera Does anybody have any other details on them.
  11. Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-I939D has the following specifications - 4.8 inches HD Super AMOLED display 1.4 Ghz Samsung Exynos 4412 quad core phone 1 Gb RAM Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS 8 mega pixel camera rear side 1.9 mega pixel front facing camera Dual SIM GSM + CDMA connectivity untitled.bmp
  12. my requirements --> 1) reliance cdma data and voice ( if world fone then excellent) 2) possible evdo 3) qwerty (posibly bar fone , slider will be last option) 4) decent to good battery life . budget 6-8k i can only find motorola admiral till now !!! any more suggestions ? is palm pixi plus any good ?
  13. Water Proof Handsets

    Don't worry if you spill liquid on you phone or soak in the rain. Many water proof handsets are in the market and here are some Motorola Defy plus/ mini/ Razr Maxx Sony Xperia Go/ Active/Acro S Kyocera Torque HTC Butterfly iball Floater Samsung B2710/C3350 Fujitsu's F706i Please add more handsets to this list
  14. [Android] CDMA Tools

    Here are some small tools to help configure CDMA Android phones. As an example, epst on 4.0.3/Sense 4.1 ROM on EVO3D does not work. Some epst does not work on some ROMS. I am using Viper ROM Sense 4.1 on EVO3D and stock epst did not work. I pushed in epst(2) of EVO LTE and now it works. Root Explorer>system>app and tick all permissions. Rename to epst.apk. Reboot! If you are using sim based Android phones like Galaxy Y or Galaxy duos cdma and would like to know your MIN/IMSI/MSID then install vz.phonenumber.apk. No need to read in cdma ws via dumb phone. com.htc.android.epst-233.apk EPST (1).apk EPST (2).apk EPST.apk net.sytes.vz.phonenumber-1.apk
  15. HTC One SV CDMA

    I found a link on GSM arena with HTC planning to release a new CDMA handset. Hope this comes to India. http://www.gsmarena....v_cdma-5106.php Looks wise looks just similar to Desire SV. But has a little specs better than it.
  16. NV items

    Hi all i have been trying to understand how the NV items is generated. i know its calculated using MDN or MEID depending on the carrier. trying to make a generator using microsoft framework 4 with some help. can anyone help regarding this?
  17. Ok, so I got myself an MTS MTAG 3.1 (Huawei C8511)/(Huawei C8500S China Telecom) which was ruim unclocked but data incompatible for Reliance. This guide works for other various Android non-OMH CDMA handsets as well. This is for those whose APN list is not editable or custom APN cannot be saved.Tested. This is my sole invention and work and is not published anywhere else till now. Use is as per your discretion. 1. Make sure the handset is rooted and busybox and SU are installed and updated. 2. Open Root explorer and allow SU permission if opened for the first time. 3. Delete the cust folder in the root system of the device. This folder carries operator files, multimedia, operator apks and NV traces. 4. goto apns-conf.xml in /system/etc folder 5. Longpress on apns-conf.xml and select open in text editor 6. Once the text editor pops up, scroll down and you will see China Telecom, Sprint, Verizon, M-pcs, Virgin, APNs list. 7. Edit the first APN (default one) with Reliance APN settings we all know here. 8. Keep changing all the APNS till down with various settings. Once can edit the defualt value with usr=net/pass=net and the other ones with mdn/mdn combination. 9. Be careful do not put any extra space or delete any comma or double colon. 10. Click to save and exit, original bak will be backed up automatically. 11. Goto root using root explorer and in system folder locate build.prop 12. Longpress and open using editor 13. Goto ro.cdma.home.operator.numeric= ____ change it to 404 00 and ro.cdma.home.operator.alpha=______ change it to Reliance 14. This can be a little troublesome so bak is imp. Click to save and exit. 15. Reboot. 16. In some devices, the APN list in Network settings gets automatically updated, in some you have to put it manually but now the custom APNs will be saved.
  18. I want an Android with Physical Slider keyboard. Have narrowed down to Droid 4 and (soon going to launch, on 19th Aug) Photon Q. Which one would be better? Droid 4 has higher battery life among the two (of the data in hand at present), but ICS hasn't come yet, Jelly Bean would be light years away. Photon Q will launch with ICS, so have a chance for Jelly Bean. But battery life doesn't look promising (reviews after the launch will give exact idea). Please advice on the technical side. Thanks! Photon Q http://www.motorola....d=mobile-phones Droid 4 http://www.motorola....9,en_US,pd.html
  19. Hi, Gurus please help me. I have a Nexus s4g with ICS 4.0.4 on it. The problem is its radio is off and i am unable to find any solution to turn on the radio. I tried flashing the stock rom using odin which was done successfully but the problem is still there. On checking the status in phone settings, its showing the MEID as "unknown". I also tried turning on the radio using secret code: #*#*4636*#*# but its not turning on. Also i am unable to put the phone in diag mode using the 8778 code. Its not getting detected by computer in diag mode whereas in normal mode it is detected as nexus and disk drive is also working. Guys please help me to get this phone working. Hope to hear from the technical gurus soon. Thanks Deepak Rahuja 9312270605
  20. In an attempt to make wireless broadband more affordable India’s largest telecommunication company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) cuts down its EVDO data card price by Rs. 300. Currently BSNL EVDO data card sells at Rs. 1499. BSNL, Kerala circle has decided to offer the EVDO Data Card at Rs. 1199 as an promotional festive from 16th January, 2012 to be more competitive in Wireless Broadband market. BSNL EVDO can offer upto 3.1 Mbps downlink and upto 1.8Mbps uplink on their EVDO Rev A network. Currently wireless broadband market is mostly dominated by EVDO players – RCom (Netconnect+), Tata Teleservice/Tata Docomo (Photon+) and MTS India (MBlaze) while 3G-HSPA data services are still looking to make their way to the consumers. Even Vodafone India also launched their own branded EVDO data services as NetCruise over MTS network. BSNL EVDO services is the cheapest option in India for wireless broadband as only BSNL offers Unlimited usage at Rs. 750 per month with No Fair Usage Policy (FUP). The charges mentioned above will be automatically deducted from the account balance available in the customer’s prepaid account. The bundled free data usage is also applicable while in National Roaming across India with in BSNL network. The bundled free usage is to be exhausted within the validity period of 30 days. No carry forward of un-utilized free data usage will be allowed after the expiry of validity period. EVDO Roaming will be allowed in BSNL circles only. BSNL EVDO R-UIM can be used on EVDO enabled mobile phones & browse unlimited 3G Galaxy POP CDMA, Galaxy Ace Duos i589, Galaxy S2 Duos(coming soon) are EVDO enabled phones Please Ensure compatibility of Samsung phones before buying. Samsung India is not aware of anything on BSNL's EVDO services.
  21. CDMA OMH - Motorola Droid Razr

    Guys, Again I am here with something new for you... Most of you must be knowing that Droid Razr works on CDMA OMH without doing anything. Simple slip in your UIM, and use it. But NO data works. I have a trick using which we can try to get Data working on Razr using CDMA OMH. For this I need a volunteer having -- Motorola Droid Razr Activated Reliance CDMA OMH If you have the Phone pre-rooted it would be a additional benefit for me. PM me if anyone is ready to volunteer. This will be done free of cost.
  22. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos GSM + CDMA From what’s been made available, here’s what the spec sheet for the dual SIM dual active Galaxy Ace Duos looks like: 3.5-inch HVGA display 832 MHz processor Android 2.3 Gingerbread GSM + CDMA 3G, EDGE/GPRS, Wi-Fi Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 5 megapixel rear camera Stereo FM radio with RDS Memory expandable up to 32 GB via microSD card 3.5 mm handsfree socket 1650 mAh Lithium - ion battery Price :---- 16900.00
  23. hi , tata indicom/docomo CDMA has introduced this new plan " new diet 199" lately. i wanted to subscribe to this plan, so i called up CC, but he didn't have adequate info about the plan. point of confusion being (check page http://cdma.tatadocomo.com/entry-level-plans.aspx for new diet 199) Any 2 of 200 mins (Local) 150 mins (STD) 500 sms (local) 100 Mb Data (1x) He failed to explain how would i be able to make choice about any two of the above. as per him i will get this info in next billing cycle which is quite risky Can some one please explain whats this thanks rimweb -sunny
  24. Hi friends, Thanks for loads of wonderful information on this site. I am on reliance CDMA and looking for a new smartphone. Currently I am using verizon blackberry 8330 bought from Dr. Muffadal. ' Ideally, a good tablet with voice-calling is what I prefer - so that I can work on it while I talk (bluetooth). None found so far. Best handset I have figured is Samsung Galaxy Touch S2 Epic 4G. But unfortunately it is exceeding my budget (~20K). Is there any phone that is next best thing to this one - in the given budget? Or shall I wait a bit and go for this phone only? -- Regards, Nik
  25. I want to buy a dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset with following specs: 3G in GSM with speed upto 10.2Mbps. (internet usage charges on CDMA are more than 10 times costlier than GSM). Browsing and downloading capability. Unlimited phone book memory. Unlimited messaging memory. Office viewer and editor. PDF viewer. Mass sms sending option. High resolution capacitive touch screen. Sunlight viewable Screen. Accelerometer, Compass, GPS, proximity. Multitasking capability. Stable & Reliable OS. I intend to use Reliance for CDMA & will choose any other operator for GSM. CDMA will be used only for calls and GSM will be used only for Internet. I hate GSM for calls! Please suggest some handsets which meet above criteria. I like using a particular phone for years.