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Found 3 results

  1. Mods: Please merge this with any appropriate thread - I could not find this information on RIMWeb. By default, on Motorola Verizon phones (such as Droid Maxx) cannot dial *228. You will get some "unrecognized SIM" error. If you have a rooted phone, then you can simply do this. 1. Download terminal emulator app from playstore 2. Once you have that installed, open it and the run the following command on the mobile itself. su pm disable-user com.motorola.setupwizard.phoneservice exit Now, you should be able to dial out *228. This does not guarantee that the phone will be activated on Reliance. If you get a message :unable to activate, then the next step is to call the customer care and lodge a complain. They will change settings on their end, which allow the activation (I am stating this based on personal experience).
  2. I have a friend's Sprint Galaxy Nexus S 4G to be workable on RCDMA. MEID is registered well and clean confirmation SMS was recieved. After putting NAM manually, we contacted Reliance WW yesterday evening, as always Reliance system for MEID swap was down and assurance of 24 hours was given. The friend had a OMH ruim previously linked to his number. Query is as of now still the *228001 does not go though and says your phone cannot be activated. I have screencasted his MIN on his laptop, Can I manually update the MIN to start on Reliance network?
  3. Hello Friends My mom needs a new mobile now, which has good battery back up and works with CDMA network. I have two phones in my household: 1. Samsung Fascinate with extended battery, already activated with reliance & in sparing use right now. 2. HTC hero activated with reliance and in use for my wife. I want to choose one of the handsets mentioned above, deactivate the current number on those and activate my mom's reliance number so that she can start using the phone. My Fascinate is also registered with reliance but doesnt have EVDO yet. what is the process to get the number swap done ? I have an OMH handset at home to use for the number swap or change process. Another idea is to activate the fascinate with my wife's number and pass on the Hero to my mom for rough use. This will involve too many swaps i believe but i guess even this is possible. Can you plz suggest me what to do and how to do the number change process ?