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Found 2 results

  1. ICS/Jelly Bean for EVO 3D - Step By Step

    ICS For EVO 3D - Step By Step Folks, Ice Cream Sandwith for EVO 3D is here. Let's taste it. I have given detailed step by step instruction which may sound elementary to some but helps people not conversant with flashing. Standard Disclaimer: (Still Worth Reading) Everything given here is tested and working. Still if you face a problem, brick your phone or mess up anywhere, you know you have only yourself to blame. No guarantees / warranties whatsoever. At Your RISK. Background: This is MeanROM Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC EVO 3D based on leaked Ice Cream Sandwich for Cricket's version of HTC Evo 3D for CDMA. Cricket's EVO 3D is exactly the same as Sprint's. Mean ROM's are almost the same as Stock HTC ROM's except the optimization, speed and extra features. This Ice Cream Sandwich is nearest to what you will be getting from Sprint by OTA when it's released officially. What's Good: Since this ROM is based on Sprint STOCK ICS leak, pretty much everything works. (USB Micro SD Card Mount when connected to PC is not working but you can use app like AirDroid to copy) Fast and furious. 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Speed out of the box instead of 1.2 Ghz. Requirements: You need to be on latest ver 2.17 Sprint Firmware. Baseband Version 1.06.001216, PRI Version 1.42.003. You can be S-ON or S-OFF. You can be HTC Dev unlocked / unlocked otherwise and rooted. (Rooted will help install 4ext Touch Recovery through it's app directly from your existing ROM instead of fastboot commands.) What You Need: (All Credit / Copyright To Original Developers / Owners of respective files.) 4ext Touch Recovery. Get it from here, Click on Download Free and save APK. >> http://www.4ext.net/ Mean ROM Ice Cream Sandwich For EVO 3D CDMA. Get the latest version. I have V07. >> http://www.androidfi...s/mikeyxda/ICS/ Anthrax Kernel for fixing bootloops on ICS Leak >> http://db.tt/kl2915kV Warning: The below process will wipe out everything from your phone including all user, app and app data. So back up your SMS, other app data if you want to. Additionally have your current ROM on your SD Card if you need to reflash it. Better take a Nandroid backup also as additional safety. Steps: Copy all the files you downloaded in What You Need to your Micro SD Card. Ensure your phone battery is fully charged. First flash 4ext Touch Recovery. Install the downloaded APK on your phone. Enable Data / Wifi. Start app. It should show the latest RC version available. Download and install, grant super user right. It will ask for database not available locally, so allow it download. It should identify the phone as HTC EVO 3D CDMA. OK. It will also ask whether you are S-ON? Say YES if you are. This is important as it will enable SmartFlash which is needed to stick boot on S-ON phones without the help of fastboot commands. Go to Settings / Power / and ensure Fastboot is Disabled. Shut down the phone. Wait for atleast 30 seconds to ensure it's fully shut off. Remove battery, wait 10 seconds, insert battery. Hold Volume Down Button + Power Button together. Once menu is shown, press Volume Down Button once to select Recovery, then press power button. You will reboot into 4ext Touch Recovery. Once you are in touch recovery, no need to use any physical button. It works on touch completely. Install From SD Card / Choose ZIP from SD Card, Select the Modified Superwipe and OK. It should take 2-3 minutes to finish. Repeat the Superwipe process once again by going back and selecting the same file. From Touch Recovery Main Menu, Select Wipe | Format and then wipe battery stats. From Touch Recovery Main Menu, Select install from sdcard, choose zip from sd card and then select MeanROM ICS version you downloaded. Do not Reboot your phone yet. Now flash Anthrax Kernel in the same manner, install from sdcard, choose zip from sd card. (This step is CRITICAL. If you don't do it, the phone will be in constant bootloop after reaching the main screen) Now from touch recovery main menu, Wipe | Format and then wipe cache + dalvik. Do it TWICE. Finally Reboot Now from the Main Menu. Recovery will flash a message saying pending boot operation detected, your ROM will reboot once. That's a good sign. Phone will reboot.It will Reboot once more on HTC screen. Then the first boot. This will take some time. Can sip a very quick cup of Tea / Cofee if it's ready while you wait with bated breath for ICS Nirvana. Wow. The ICS is in front of you. It will automatically enable 3G to complete account setup screen. If you don't have Data provisioned on your phone, ensure you're near a WiFI setup. Else you won't be able to proceed any further and finish account setup screen. Some Screen Shots:
  2. I just now got my E3O from parin bhai.. he's been extremely helpful and the phone is working perfectly now.. But I have realized that there's this peculiar "signal fluctuation" happening with this set. the signal keeps shifting between full bars-to-Zero bar and so on consistently... Even if it is in the same position.. I have been using Samsung fascinate before this, and that set never had this problem (of course, in the same exact place, in the same exact room, till 2 days ago!). also, in my office, i always get full signal.. But there also, the set has been having same problem. I also noticed that the battery is getting drained out super-fast! I had done full charge today morning, and right now it has come down to 60% (no 3G, no GPS usage, just 5-6 mins of calls in all!).. this might be because of the signal-issue... Fascinate used to run comfortably for 2 days here... I know that these are not the same sets.. still, the difference in the two sets with respect to signal/battery backup is too much.. can any provide me any idea with what could be wrong... or if there's any way to improve upon this??