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Found 3 results

  1. LINK I came across the above link when I was looking for WiFi USB Dongle like Huawei E355. The seller (with recently modified ID) claims impossible one that for Rs999/- he can give UNLIMITED FREE internet access on ANY UNLOCKED data card for FREE , (and that procedure has to be repeated every month). He further explains that its NOT a network technique, but a HARDWARE technique accomplished by SOFTWARE... He will send one password protected zip file with reqd sw to get UnLimited FREE Internet when you pay by PaisaPay. He will send the pwd for zip file only after you confirm item receipt and giving +ve feedback This listing has started in August 2013 onlyand 7 victims so far... All the +ve BUYER feedback (most are seller feedback given by other sellers) was given by those victims... One tried to be smart and left NEUTRAL feedback to change it to +ve once it works... ------------------------------- Well, I can't prove this is a scam, even though its almost obvious (so I have to add hopefully to the title)... Only way to check without losing money is by using zip-password cracker (another almost impossible thing--takes years to crack even a 12 digit password) and testing it before accepting item receipt / leaving feedback... ------------------------------- For regular eBayers:- 1] This shows scam is possible in eBay with even PaisaPay protection. 2] 100% positive feedback is NOT enough . _____See all those feedbacks are given by seller or buyer, _____items that got feedback (seller may have sold 200 Rs5 hair-clips and got 200 +ve feedback and then scam for Rs20000/- items), _____No of feedbacks of feedback_giver (A dozen +ve feedback by 0 to 2 feedback users may be a cooked-up feedback list) 3] Before buying from seller look for other items he is selling, especially the days of listing of other items 4] Read full listing carefully and if necessary call his phone number (if provided) 5] NEVER click "Item Received" and give positive feedback before getting what u have paid for 6] If the deals looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, then it really is
  2. I was just checking out the GSMarena site and stumbled upon an exciting news for smartphone fanatics out there - HTC ONE X , the phone that caught most attention in MWC2012 due to its Tegra 3 Quad core chipset , coupled with Android 4.0 with HTC sense 4.0 overlay , sleek and next-gen design and awesome camera feature with no shutter lag feature - Image sense technology as they like to call it and last but not the least Beats audio integration (with beats headphones in box) ..... IS FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER , SIM FREE with HTC 1 YR WARRANTY AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING !!!! Check out this news in depth on GSMArena : http://www.gsmarena....y-news-3989.php I also checked out the Ebay US site and found that couple of dealers are already selling the pre-order HTC one x (32gb both WHITE and BLACK variant) with option for international shipping (also free expedited shipping within US) Best offer that I found on Ebay US is : http://www.ebay.com/...#ht_9569wt_1270 Our reputed sellers can also order multiple pieces . At 759$ (little motr than 38k in INR) it is a little heavy on the pocket, but worth the price if you want BEST in the world FIRST.. WHAT U THINK GUYS ???
  3. I recently bought a Imobile phone, a Chinese handset with proper IMEI no. for someone known to me. The charm was to get TV playing on a phone worth Rs.2,900/- It was shocking to me that the description read the phone comes with One year On-Site Warranty. I did not believe they have service agents in every city. The moment I noticed an issue with the phone I mailed the seller who tried to give me solution through email for two days. On the third day when I said that I am still not satisfied with the resolution. The guy offered for a replacement as per the warranty and same afternoon the phone was picked up by Blue dart on seller's expense. I was more than impressed at the professional service quality offered by a seller who is giving only Chinese phones that too of such low value. What I intend to bring notice to here is the fact that the phones bought on this forum could also offer such on site pick up one year warranty if the issue is not solved online by the seller. After all most of the handsets dealt here are of value more than 5-10 times of the phone I mentioned above. I would like to strongly suggest this to the seller's on this forum. It would add to the credibility for new buyers who are skeptic knowing there isnt manufacturer's warranty on these products. I request other fellow members of this forum to come forward and show support for this. Link to the phone as requested : http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200640280081