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Found 3 results

  1. Reliance JIO SIM activation is taking quite some time now. I collected the token on 25th August 2016 from Reliance Digital (not mini). Submitted my documents and collected SIM (Prepaid) on 26th August 2016. Was told that it may take up to 10 days for the SIM to get activated. Finally received message from JIONET "Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is ....... Thank you, Team Jio" on my alternate number on 1st September 2016 after midnight (i.e. 1:00 AM on 2nd Sept). Again received message from JIONET "Dear Customer, Due to overwhelming response to our Jio Preview Offer, there may be some delays in activating your connection. We will inform you via SMS once your Jio number 70XXXXXXXX is ready for televerification. Thank you, Team Jio" on my alternate number on 3rd Sept 2016 evening. Still waiting eagerly but with patience for next message. Tomorrow is 5th Sept and if my SIM gets activated tomorrow or later then it will be Welcome offer by default I think. UPDATE: (4rth September 2016) Viola! Activation Message Received just now on my alternate number that my number is ready for televerification.
  2. Hi guru's Is anybody tried this solution??? is this working fine??? Put device into DFU mode Run ssh.jar wait until it says successful Open winSCP Open a new connection Host name: Port: 2022 Login: root Password: alpine Press the terminal button in winSCP and type: mount.sh Go to /mnt1/var/Applications and right click and delete setup.app To activate your device and have it work with your mobile carrier, iTunes and Evasi0n copy the supplied files into the specified folders in the video. Reboot your device Your device will now be in recovery mode, Use Tiny Umbrella to kick it out of recovery as specified in the video. Video Source :-http://www.gadgetwide.com/icloud-bypass-video-tutorial/ :support:
  3. Hello Friends I have been trying to activate a HTC Hero for my wife and it is not getting activated. Earlier I was using the same phone with my number in HYD (by cloning method with ruim) and later I shifted my number to samsung fascinate.After the hero became free, I got the MEID registered with Reliance by paying quite some money to Mr. Hitesh Hambarde He has got the phone registered and programmed some parameters (i think Akey) remotely. Later, when i tried activating the HTC Hero to my wife's number using HCC card, it failed. I tried MDN retain via WW and that didn't work out either. Due to some urgent expected calls, I finally had to activate my wife's number on some old omh sim and use it on micromax phone. Meanwhile, this HERO MEID was registered as lost/damaged. It took a lot of time and with great help from our esteemed member Hetal, I got the MEID released for use with HCC/GSK etc. Now, i again tried activating the phone with HCC card and it fails. After repeatedly trying with HCC (4 times), I had given up hope and asked WW to do an MDN Retain, to transfer my wife;s num from OMH sim to this HTC HERO MEID. The WW says they have done the needful, but whenever i try *228, the message says " the phone could not be activated" ! Now, the number is hanging.. It is stuck in the HERO MEID and i am unable to get it working with hero !! The issue here is, if i go back to the omh sim, this hero meid will again be listed as damaged ! So I dont want to do that now. Meanwhile, the WW escalated the issue of being unable to activate the phone and i got a call from customer care, saying SPC has to be unlocked for the phone to get activated OTA. The SPC is already unlocked and when i read from CDMA workshop, it shows 000000. But still, when i try *228, it is not getting activated OTA. What could be the problem ? Rimweb gurus, plz help me ! the phone has been lying around as a paperweight for the past 6 months and I am just not able to get it activated !! Any help is appreciated