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Found 1 result

  1. Requirements Root Access APN names of your GSM provider After you unlock the phone follow the steps mentioned below 1 Use root explorer or any other file explorer and get to system/build.prop 2 Click and hold till you get a popup menu, select open with Text Editor (when you do this superuser will ask you to grant permissions, click yes, you will get one more popmenu from the phone saying "the current file system is read only do you want to remount as read-write and continue the operation" CLICK YES. 3 scroll to the end of build.prop and add to lines mentioned below ril.sales_code=LOL ro.csc.sales_code=LOL 4 click the MENU button which is one the left side of PHONE HOME button, choose "Save and Exit" 5 Reboot the phone. 5 goto https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ex.chinyang.android.xshortcut install the xShortcut app 6 run xShorcut app and click on EDIT your SHORTCUT 7 Add the following line in the respective fields Shortcut Name and Icon: Put any name you want here. You can also select an icon. Target Component Package: com.samsung.syncservice Target Component Class: com.samsung.syncservice.dm.hiddenmenu.OMADMHiddenMenu 8 click on OK button, you should have a shortcut on one of your screen like shown below. 9 click on it and run it. it should get you into Samsung DM Services menu 10 select APNs 11 press the MENU button which on the left side of you PHONE HOME button. 12 select + New APN, under NAME type whatever you want(ex Airtel or Idea or whichever you are using) under APN type the Access Point Name of your provider(ex airtelgprs,com for Airtel, Idea_Karnataka gprs for Idea in my state. 13 click on MENU button which is left side of PHONE HOME button and click save. Remember not to set anything else. you can add multiple APNS for different service providers. 14 dial ##3282# and enter your MSL and click on EDIT/OTHER/LET APN SETTINGS, all of your APN names which you have saved SHOULD be therem if its not there redo everything from step 10. It might just show only one APN name, thats because you have a SIM in the slot, if you have a SIM in the slot, it will show the APN of that provider only. 15 select which ever APN you want as per your service provider, you are good to go, 16 goto build.prop again and add # in front of the 2 lines you added earlier. #ril.sales_code=LOL #ro.csc.sales_code=LOL 17 reboot. 18 change from cdma mode to gsm/utms mode, data should work now. How to switch between CDMA/GSM mode in a sec without reboot 1 goto https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Telinfo&c=apps and install TELINFO 2 Run TelInfo and select Device Information 3 Scroll down and select "set preferred network type" 4 select CDMA auto (PRL) when you want Reliance, select GSM auto (PRL) when you want GSM. NO REBOOT required for the SWITCH Hope this helps all enjoy your phone and please hit THANKS if this helped. PIC with data working