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Found 1 result

  1. Install the following: Titanium backup Root Explorer BusyBox APN Backup & Restore Once busybox is installed select install and reboot, DO NOT RUN any for the apps for now. Data used to work on all modes [CDMA NV, RUIM & GSM] with ZV7, ZV8 & ZVA. With the G2 on KitKat 4.4.2[ZVC] data either worked on GSM SIM or CDMA NV, RUIM data does not work, it says "Service Disabled" on Lockscreen. I have managed to get Data to work on both CDMA NV and GSM SIM, meaning you can switch between networks with data working on both without rebooting the phone. To be frank its a very simple trick anyone can do. Below is a noob friendly tutorial, just follow step by step. NOTE: Since the names of the apps are too long im gonna use short form of the same to make this easy for me. Titanium Backup = TB Root Explorer = RE APN Backup & Restore = APNBR VERY IMPORTANT: Switch the phone to GSM/UMTS mode, At this point your phone should have a APN saved and Data working on it. This also means CDMA NV data will not working since the GSM is working. Run TB and goto backup/restore, look for APNBR. Press and hold APNBR till you get a popup menu, in menu select "Convert to System APP" Once the APNBR is converted to system app it should reflect in red as shown. Run RE and go to /system/app/ folder Look for APNBR app as shown Press and hold to get secondary menu, select move, you might get a Warning about system being read only, do you want to remount as read-write, select yes. Go back to system folder and look for priv-app & move the APNBR apk to that folder. Now run APNBR, you might get a warning about APN can not be restored or deleted bla bla bla. just select ok. Use the top right corner menu and select "Disable ICS Check". Select Backup APNs It will tell you to name the backup, just leave as it is or name it according to your choice. Now that your APN for GSM is backed RUN APNBR and select Delete APNs and press ok At this point your GSM data will stop working, Now switch to CDMA/LTE in network mode and since GSM APN is missing your CDMA data should kick in. To get the GSM DATA back again, switch back to GSM/UMTS and run APNBR and Restore APNs, your GSM DATA will kick in instantly.