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Prepaid Coupon Topup Recharge

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After the recharging my prepaid account with two (one after the other) Rs. 100 recharge coupons, I receive message after checking the balance through *367 as on 17 April, 2008:

local rel mob: 50

expiry: 5/05/2008

expiry: 22/05/2008

after every above mentioned date Rs. 25 was deducted from my account.

I had Rs. 214 in my account and now I have only 108 left after deduction.

no expiry message is displayed since then.

Can any one explain, when no such thing was mentioned on the coupon, how can they deduct some amount.

What is the meaning of expiry.

There were some abbreviations which I could'nt understand.

I shall be waiting for answer


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