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Intex Launches Low-cost Desktop @ 12900

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Techtree News Staff, Apr 22, 2009 1623 hrs IST

IT Hardware company Intex Technologies, which also has a couple of mobile phones and electronics in the Indian market, has announced the launch of its low cost computers in the Indian market with Intex Silver GB-75501 desktop.

The company is touting this Intel Atom processor powered machine as an all-purpose PC for the price conscious consumers.

Atom is a small processor with the smallest transistors. Thus, the desktop consumes less power and saves space due to its compact design, says the company.

The GB- 75501 comes with a 945 GCLF Intel chipset, 1 GB Memory, 80GB hard disk, DVD RoM and 17-inch CRT monitor, priced at Rs. 12,900.

Another version of the same model comes with the same basic configuration as mentioned above, although has a 160GB hard disk and a DVD writer. This comes with a price tag of Rs. 13,500.

With these configurations and price tags, the company expects the Silver GB-75501 desktop to find market in rural and semi-urban households, cyber cafes, small and medium enterprises.

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nice info

keep up

this pc's are best for small office use. i just bought intel dot station for 6500.

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I bought some parts from Nehru Place (Delhi) last month to assemble a PC and also did the costing for an assembled PC with Intel main board with Atom CPU (945GCLF) soldered on it. Cost was about Rs. 13800 for a PC with:

17 inch Dell or Samsung LCD monitor

1GB RAM (Crucial or Kingston make)

160GB Seagate SATA hard disk drive

Sony DVD writer

Logitech Keyboard + mouse

iCool cabinet

If one is willing to go for cheaper monitors like a smaller LCD like 15 inch or a 16.5 inch instead of a 17 inch LCD, unbranded RAM instead of Kingston, 80GB HDD instead of a 160GB HDD, unbranded keyboard and mouse instead of a Logitech, then cost will be around Rs. 12000 for a PC with the same Intel 945GCLF main board.

I have seen people using machines with the above mentioned config and windows-XP and these machines are more than sufficient for stuff like email, web browsing, MS Office, tally, VOIP chat on skype and such.

Most important thing is that these machines (including monitors) consume under 65 Watts of electricity which is less than even what a typical laptop consumes. For a small office with multiple machines, savings in electricity bill will quickly add up.

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Dont u think using amd would have cut ur cost further? any specific reasons

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